Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am sure many of you must have heard about the metro link train crash.Chatsworth is the next city to where I live.It was very sad and disturbing to hear about the many lives that were lost and the people that were injured.Many of the passengers were from Simi valley, where I live.it would have been the next stop if the train had not collided.My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all the families that have lost loved ones and my prayers to all the injured.Life is really so fragile,we never know from one day to another if we will be alive and also when we set out each day we never know if we will return.I feel we have to live each day the best way we can because we do not know what tomorrow brings.

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Sanjay 8:47 AM  

Starry thank you for this touching post. I could not agree more. My thoughts are with those affected as well as those in New Delhi.

Priya 12:36 PM  

Very true Starry. Its sad and easy for one person to make an error and how any lives gone.

deepsat 3:33 PM  

that is indeed quite upsetting! what you said is quite true.

take care

Art Is Life, Life Is Art 8:49 AM  

Incredibly tragic and what you say is exactly right.

Jeevan 9:27 AM  

Very true, we must live the moment to fullest, where tomorrow we doesn’t know. My prayer for injuries to get cure and lose of pain.

Dotm 2:14 PM  

Yes, I heard it on the news. Such a terrible accident with such pain for those who lost loved ones. God Bless them.

Sweetstickychewy 7:06 AM  

***I feel we have to live each day the best way we can because we do not know what tomorrow brings.

Thanks for that statement.:)

Beloved Dreamer 11:33 AM  

You are correct in what you say. One never knows about what life will bring your way. Some of us may know what lies ahead but I always wonder. Is it a test of faith knowing and still going on while this heavy burden lies across our heart.
I went to your Indian Bloggers. I am not Indian but love all books and memoirs about India. Lotus Reads and I are old friends from Book Crossing.com days.
Wish I could join.
love your site!


starry nights 1:22 PM  

Deepsat..yes it is,more so because it was so close to home.

starry nights 1:23 PM  

Welcome to my blog and please come by again.thanks .

starry nights 1:25 PM  

Thanks Sanjay, and I am sorry I did not mention the people who died and were injured in the delhi bombing.I did remember them also.

starry nights 1:25 PM  

Yes truly a sad thing.There was an indian student who lives close to our home who was killed also.

starry nights 1:26 PM  

Jeevan..so true.

starry nights 1:27 PM  

Sweets..thanks.I wish I could always remember that.

Ghost Particle 5:20 PM  

God bless the departed soul, hope the families will stay strong.

the fragility of life, sometimes it brings fear thinking what would happen next. bt that is human nature. love each day. :)

Hip Grandma 4:33 AM  

My sympathies to the victims and their families.as you say life is indeed fragile

Prash 8:01 PM  

I didn't hear about this. Maybe because in Hong Kong such news goes on the bottom of the list...

As you said, life is one fragile stuff ..ya !

Keshi 11:31 PM  

yes its so very sad. thats why I thrive on living each MOMENT to the fullest. And thats why Im bak so quickly too...I thought its best to cut all the crap and get back on track ASAP. :)

*HUGZ* Starry!


geetha 1:08 AM  

can't agree more.. we have to appreciate what we have today and live life to the fullest.

Solitaire 9:33 PM  

Every place seems to be facing its own woes. I live in texas and am overcoming the aftermath of Ike.

Neers 10:31 PM  

how awful!!

p.s: waiting for enough votes on the group and then shall send out a newsletter/information stuff to all of you!

Devika 11:19 AM  

Hi SN!

I had been with this thought in mind for a while now...
Since the recent bomb blasts in India....the last one happened in Delhi, my city...

Life is so fragile...
even as we write we know some bomb is in the making, some disaster is looming...

had been away for a while. updated the first two blogs at profile. do come...

Keshi 10:58 PM  

Hope all is well with ya Starry.


Diana 11:33 AM  

Hi Starry....

Life has become such that once u step out, u arent sure if u u gonna return back home safe...

A Sad incident.

Pacifier Returns 12:37 PM  

But sometimes even after knowing this simple fact of life that any day could be our last day, we end up hurting people, not smiling..etc etc....

divya 8:10 PM  

just read ur post about the nicu..i work in the nicu and i understand wht u said..just my emotion..hw hard it is to tell a parent this baby is not well...

Krithika 3:15 AM  

it's terrible wat happened there..life is fragile indeed

Ajnabi 12:47 PM  

Its always shocking when such incident happens all of sudden. Thats why Isaac Asimov mentioned..."Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome."

It does suggest that Live in the Present and dont plan much for future. :(

my life.... 2:49 AM  

hey Lali,how are u ? Its very sad to see such tragedies:(

Dawn....सेहर 10:43 PM  

Its very sad Starry....this post is very sad! I have no words...today I read 3-4 posts and I am reading similar posts...I feel sad very sad deep inside.
Hope things get better and God gives strength to bear the loss
Take care

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