Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Asian pears again
Banana Flower
Indian Jasmine

I see two pomegranates ,after 5 years.I am so excited
Remember the pics of the banana trees I posted last year after they fell to the ground, well they have grown again and has a flower.This shows we should never give up,we need to get up and start all over again.
I also had bunches of grapes this year.

Asian pears...J's favorite



Priya 1:41 PM  

Good that that the banana tree is all grown well now. I love that jasmine and you have a cute garden Starry, Love it.

starry nights 2:38 PM  

Thank you Priya.I am not able to do too much in the garden becuse of my back,the plants are survivng on their own.

deepsat 3:11 PM  

that looks beautiful! am waiting for spring to start here!!

take care!


Keshi 5:24 PM  

wut beautiful pics of fruit n flowers WOW! u sure r a great gardener Starry!

Blue skies..yeyyyyyyyyy! :)


Mumbai Guy 5:36 PM  

Hey starry, how you been doing? it's been a long time since I was here last. You got some nice pictures of fruit-tress/plants.

When I was small, we had lots of this trees in my neighbourhood. But over the years, lots of them got cut down and lots of those fruits have disappeared. I miss those good old days.

starry nights 7:17 PM  

deepsat..thanks.where do you it winter over there now.

starry nights 7:17 PM  

Thanks Keshi. I don't do much gardening, my back still bothers me quite a bit.

starry nights 7:19 PM  

Mumbai Guy..thanks for stopping by. I reember when I was growing up too, had many mango and guava trees.used to climb many of them and fall down, those were the good old days.

AVIANA 7:32 PM  

mmm..i have banana trees in my living room...yes i do!!...but...they're fake...hey they look just the same..


beautiful garden..
how is your sister? u?

Srijith Unni 8:30 PM  

So happy to see this starry..! The garden is back in full bloom..! Though you cant tend to them much, I'm sure they are happy to see you again..

Take Care and God Bless!

With Best Regards,

Anonymous,  9:15 PM  

very nice pics starry, u have a lovely garden...

love it..

Ajnabi 10:41 PM  

wow Starry...would like to visit your garden.. btw do you have any plan s for mango tree... :):)

Solitaire 11:24 PM  

Great pictures!!!!
Your garden?

Gauri 11:50 PM  

You have a lovely lovely garden Starry :). It is beautiful :).

Loved the pictures.

Cuckoo 2:14 AM  

Heyy Starry,

Nice pictures. I envy you for your garden. The last picture reminds me of telling you to contribute here.

A monthly photocontest.

Keep posting.

Anu 7:17 AM  

That is quite the exotic garden you have there! It's so exciting to see your patience and hard work pay off!

Jeevan 7:34 AM  

Freshness for eyes dear. glad to see so many trees, fruit and flowers in ur garden, well maintaining. take care :)

Sweetstickychewy 9:27 AM  

Its nice to see your interest in gardening. It must have been a joy to see the bearing fruits.:)

Lovely personal blog there Starry.:D

And love the pictures of the blue sky!:D


Jon Cox 12:42 PM  


polona 12:49 PM  

beautiful... nice to see you again... you've been away a long time...

starry nights 12:55 PM  

Aviana..thanks.My sis is doing really well.

starry nights 12:56 PM  

srijth..thank you.i am sure my plants are happy to see me around.

starry nights 12:56 PM  

vinay thank you

starry nights 12:57 PM are welcome anytime.I would love to plant a mango tree.I have a curry leaf tree(actually a small plant)

starry nights 12:58 PM  

Solitaire..welcome to my blog and I do hope yu stop by again.thank you.

starry nights 12:59 PM  

Thank yoou Gauri.

starry nights 12:59 PM  

Thank you cuckoo.never entered a picture in a photo contest before.

starry nights 1:00 PM  

Anu..thank you

starry nights 1:00 PM  

Jeevan..thank you

starry nights 1:01 PM  


starry nights 1:02 PM  

sweetstickychewy...thank you.It is nice to see fruit on a tree, even though most of the time it is eaten by the birds and some animals.

starry nights 1:03 PM  

Jon..thank you.the grapes were delicious.

Ghost Particle 1:59 PM  

hello!!! :) welcome back been long long long. oh i love gardening, bt now am jst looking at the garden, being gardened by someone else here. :) nice pics.


Beautiful pictures..
i am new to your blog.
liked it..
my new post is a cartoon..
do visit.

Keshi 9:45 PM  

u dun do much Gardening and there's so much fruit? :) lucky u then!

TC of ur bak..


Prash 2:00 AM  

wow...I love these pictures !

I have put some pictures in my blog and this post will be online only for few days. I thought you might want to see those pictures.

starry nights 3:40 PM  

ghost particle..thank you.I am glad to be back.

starry nights 3:41 PM  

Man in painting..welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by again.thanks.

starry nights 3:41 PM  

Keshi..yes this is the first year to see pomegranites.

starry nights 3:42 PM  

Prash..thanks.I wil stop by your blog.

Shiva 10:18 PM  


Beautiful and delicious too:)

Glad to see the plantain tree up again.


Anonymous,  2:58 AM  

WoW, WoW...simply beautifully pics....the fruit pics are so inviting & looks delicious & the flowers too....lovely pictures from your garden!

I will also be taking an extended blogging break now due to shifting of my place and will look forward to your support in the future...stay well!

Hip Grandma 7:23 AM  

you have a very nice garden.i must visit you when come over next.

starry nights 12:14 PM  

Shiva..yes they were delicious.and the banana trees did grow again.

starry nights 12:15 PM  

Flying stars..have a good break, will be there when u return.

starry nights 12:15 PM  

hip grandma you are welcome anytime.

Eclipsed Thoughts 8:13 PM  

Pears and grapes.... my favorite!!!

how are you doing? i see a lot of NICELY MADE GARDEN. quite an effort, you love nurturing the plants? dont you?

mystic rose 3:30 AM  

thats just so gorgeous that you get to have all those fruits and flowers in your yard! I so envy that. I love banana trees, even withut the fruit and flower. Just the leaves are so rich and lovely!

mystic rose 3:31 AM  

thats just so gorgeous that you get to have all those fruits and flowers in your yard! I so envy that. I love banana trees, even withut the fruit and flower. Just the leaves are so rich and lovely!

starry nights 8:14 AM  

eclipsed thoghts..thank you.yes I love gardening but have not been able to do much outdoors.all the plants did so well on their own, I cannot take credit for it.

starry nights 8:15 AM  

Mystic rose..yes I love banana trees also. just makes the back yard look so tropical, sometimes I feel i am in India.

vinay 8:33 AM  

keralampole undaloo!!! malayaleeanoo?? anywaysthepics are good :)

starry nights 8:55 AM  

Vinay thanks..My husband is from Kerala and I am from Bangalore.

Keshi 5:41 PM  

then u must hv the green thumb :)


Prash 8:05 PM  

I didn't know about your origins...I know you since more than 2 years now. Never knew you were from Bangalore and your husband from Kerala...

Diana 8:26 PM  

The fruits look so that ur garden....?

The pictures are really good..

Cyberkitty 7:56 AM  

Lovely pix starry, you have a nice garden!! Never seen a banana flower before!!

starry nights 9:02 AM you know.

Renu 11:56 PM  

ur garden is awesome:) specially loved the pears, I also love nature and trees and I was thinking that i will make a home in Bhimtal and have a fruit orchard there.

angelofdusk 10:20 AM  

im welcoming myself to your blog SN... lovely pics!!

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