Monday, August 04, 2008

My dear friends
I am really sorry for not posting in such a long time.Time has passed, so many things have happenened, I was just feeling sorry for myself and just did not want to be bothered blogging anymore. I tried to stay away but could not.I value each and everyone of you and I realized that you guys were the only true friends I have. My blog was a space that I could write what I wanted to and express myself freely and tell you my day to day happennings. Please continue to be with me as I travel through this journey called"LIFE". I will try and post something every week.thank you for looking in on me and always leaving a few lines.


jac 11:20 AM  

No need to say thanks...missed you terribly

Priya 12:16 PM  


Good to see ya and welcome back again.

How is ur health now? Take care.

Cuckoo 9:12 PM  

Welcome back !!

We missed you.


hillgrandmom 1:15 AM  

Good to see you back Starry.

Kuan Gung 3:47 PM  

Warmest greetings starry...hope things are well with you!!!!!

Jeevan 4:05 AM  

hope you are doing good dear, wish to see u back in active here. take care :)

Anonymous,  4:51 AM  

I hope things are well.
Do keep writing when you can.
I have found your writing style to be gentle and calming... always enjoyed it.

cheers, :)

Kai C. 12:30 PM  

hey i missed you
how have you been?

adi 3:37 AM  

m glad that u r back starry
we've all become a part of each other's lives, and its a big virtual family now

welcome home starry

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