Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I hear the clock ticking

I hear the birds singing

All is well!I say to myself.

I roll over in bed

I think to myself

I just want to travel

See new places and faces.

Where time will stand still

No mornings or evenings

No doctor appointments

There will just be awakenings.

No fear of today or worry about to-morrow

But life is not so simple

There are commitments to keep and children to raise

But Nite will come by

My dreams I will have

Travels I will take

With no baggage in hand.


Priya 3:28 PM  

Your dreams are beautiful and you will travel with no baggage one day.

Let me know when you visit my place Starry. You are always welcome:)

starry nights 9:47 PM  

Thanks Priya, I may make it to your place one day.

AVIANA 4:44 AM  

beautifully sad.....

how are you? wow, long time no read.. hehe...

but really how are you and your sister?

Anali 7:38 AM  

Beautiful poem Starry!! I'm so happy to see you back again. I'm sorry that things were not going well. Take care!

Art and Poetry 5:55 PM  

This is very nice, life is not simple it is true and poetry should be true.


Jeevan 3:23 AM  

Beautiful hearing your dreams and let them exist always. Travel takes you allover.

Margie 8:55 AM  

Hi Starry
I enjoyed your poem and it's so nice u are back.
Take care and keep those dreams alive.


starry nights 9:56 PM  

It feels good to be back,thanks for stopping by.

starry nights 9:57 PM  

art and poetry..thanks for stopping by my blog and please do stop by again.

starry nights 9:57 PM  

Jeevan, yes we can travel in our dreams.

starry nights 9:58 PM  

Margie thanks for stopping by.I missed all of you.

Anonymous,  2:17 AM  

liked the stargazers world very much...!! its my first visit...

superb write this one...hope u enjoy ur travels...!! am linking u to my blog(s)... do visit sometime...

Kai C. 6:29 PM  

welcome back!
i didn't know you were a fan of MJ......
how many albums do you have of him?

Diana 2:43 AM  

Where time will stand still
No mornings or evenings

Lovely Lines.....a well-written verse

Prash 11:17 PM  

There are commitments to keep and children to raise

I really don't know what the second part means but I can say I understand...

Keshi 11:48 PM  

I commented in ur other blog Starry :)

WB n HUGS! I've been missing ya alot...


Keshi 11:48 PM  

And all's well with ya sweetz?


aravind 3:47 AM  

that one was really a great piece of poetry...............

Dawn....सेहर 5:51 PM  

Beautiful dreams - how sweet I have also shared something about dream in my post!
It's been long since I you have posted as last time when I came here there ws no update...but am glad to see you here
Take care and hope you are doing great healthwise too

Ajnabi 8:43 PM  

Hey Starry... Good to see you after long time..

Don't ever let your Dreamz go...
'coz they will become true one day for sure.. !!!

take care of yourself..

keep in touch..

*Thanks for stopping by..
btw are you in Bay area ?

starry nights 9:51 PM  

Thank you Anali.It will be ok soon.

starry nights 9:51 PM  

Diana thank you

starry nights 9:52 PM  

Prash..thank you

starry nights 9:52 PM  

Keshi..missed you too.

starry nights 9:53 PM  

Aravind..thanks for stopping by my blog and please do stop by again.

starry nights 9:54 PM  

Dawn..thank you.I am doing better but still am in a lot of pain.Hoping things will turn around.

starry nights 9:55 PM  

Ajnabi..thank you for those kind words. I live north west of los angeles

Keshi 10:01 PM  

come read abt Dreams and various experiences in my blog today :) HUGS!


Anonymous,  2:31 AM  

Nice to see you back a long time with this beautifully done photo & the thoughtful words...very nice!

Jon Cox 10:15 AM  

INCREDIBLE WORK!!!! I absolutely love this!!

Devika 12:07 AM  

Hi Starry Nights!

I reached here tracking MIP...

I like your dream and wish the realisation of it :)

I would invite you to my blog too..Do come over when you have time:

appreiate your comments too..

Shiva 10:16 PM  


Dreams are real, in the world of dreams..

Beautiful poem.. Good to have you back


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