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For a brief moment I was back in time, when the children were younger and Halloween played a big part in their lives.It was October costumes had to be made, candy bought and pumpkin's to be carved. It was Sunday and I was leafing through all the ads in the Sunday paper. Jo Ann's the fabric store had Halloween fabric on sale and all the costumes were 30% off. " Maya " I call out, what would you like to be this Halloween? Mom I would like to be a 50's girl she says.Vijay hearing the chatter runs into the room, "mom I would like to be suuuuuuuuperman" he says running around the room with a towel over his shoulders like a cape.I think it was me who was most excited, it was always fun making the costumes and sometimes shopping for them. We would go to the fabric store, look at all the different material, thumb through numerous patterns and finally settle on one.
The next couple of weeks would be spent cutting, sewing,gluing trying on and undoing , eventually after many a trial and error the costumes would be done. Now that the children are away I feel the emptiness, there are too many reminders of Halloweens gone by.The pumpkins keep begging to be picked up and carved, the costumes in the Halloween store want to go home with me. I wish the children were home once again. Their voices yelling"Trick or Treat" still echo in my ears. Halloween is not the same anymore. I think I have the Halloween blues.




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AVIANA 4:17 PM  

hi there,

i really like the pics..halloween is one of my favorite holidays besides my birthday....

halloween allows us to be a little silly...i wish it was year round...

Shionge 6:54 PM  

How time flies and a lovely walk down memory lane :D

Thank you for sharing Lalitha ;)

Dawn....सेहर 8:25 PM  

Hey thats so cute!!! Happy Halloween to all :)

Aditi 11:16 PM  

ohh they were some adorable costumes..great memories.. thanks for sharing

Karthik B.S. 11:46 PM  

yup, those days will never come again. :(

MM 12:04 AM  

Wonderful journey back time, Starry!
And thx for sharing those real nice pics.

Sweetstickychewy 1:14 AM  

lol..this reminds me of my little moments when i was young dressing up in costumes with the boys just to get our games going.

cute pics!:D

pria,  1:49 AM  

Those moments look beautiful as green forever Starry. Cute kids indeed with loads of fun.

Jeevan 4:14 AM  

Sometimes the memories make us feel that we are being with them. I wish there would be a big Halloween again with plenty of fun and happiness with your children.

Beautiful the pictures are, sweet kids :) Hugs

Asha 5:10 AM  

I feel you girl. My daughter doesn't want to go Trick or treating anymore.She thinks she is too old for candies!! My son is almost 13, but he is willing still!:)
Lovely pics, so great to see the kids enjoy the simple things in life!

starry nights 8:44 AM  

Aviana..I wish so too ,but then it would not be so special.

starry nights 8:45 AM  

Shionge..Time does fly when you are having fun.

starry nights 8:45 AM  

Dawn..thank you

starry nights 8:46 AM  

Aditi..thank you.

starry nights 8:46 AM  

Karthik..Yes those days will never come back.thank God we have memories that still keep them alive.

starry nights 8:47 AM  

sweetstickychewy....I think these things remind us all of when we were little.

starry nights 8:48 AM memories true, and they are still fresh in my mind.

starry nights 8:48 AM  

Jeevan..thank you

starry nights 8:50 AM  

Asha..My kids loved trick or treating . I would put back most of the candy we brought into a basket and place it outside for everyone to take.It was a lot of fun.

Pri 9:00 AM  

awww...those were some of the cutest pics ive ever seen :)
im sure maya and vijay must be missing those times too ...

guess nostalgia's visiting everyone...

polona 10:20 AM  

these are sweet photos and i'm sure they are full of sweet memories.

mystic rose 12:45 PM  

absolutely cute pictures!!!

halloween for whatever reason isnt my fav, its depressing and not surprising considering the traditions. The only highlight is the kids in costumes, for that very reason i like easter, the bunnies.. and Im always thankful we have diwali around the same time.. :)

mine have had bug costumes, lady bugs and butterflies, and once buzz lightyear and princess.

this year though its harry potter.. that should be easy :D

Dotm 12:55 PM  

Looking at the nice costumes and seeing the kids dressed up brought back many memories of when my kids were small. Nice Halloween pictures. Lalitha, makling the costumes yourself was great.
Today, I look forward to seeing all the little great grandchildren and the other ittle ones in the neighborhood who stop at my door every Halloween. So much fun seeing their happy little faces and their many different types of costumes. It sure brightens up my day.

Fuzzylogic 6:28 PM  

Lovely pics and what wonderful memories. I can relate to the excitement as this year we went hunting for a costume for Ina. Halloween is indeed such a fun time. I'm sure you created such wonderful moments for your kids to remember too. As for the "Trick or treat" I will send Ina your way!

Keshi 8:07 PM  

That got me all teary Starry...lovely nostalgic pics n post!


Anonymous,  12:56 AM  

WoW...some very nice shots & nice reading about your celebrations during Halloween...Thanks for sharing!

Srijith Unni 1:38 AM  

Wonderful cute pics, Starry.. Never knew much about Halloween, but really looks like children enjoy it a lot..!

Thanks for sharing..!

P.S: Hope and pray you`re doing well, with your health

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless..!

With Best Regards,

chandni 2:37 AM  

what lovely memories :)

its amazing how much pain you have taken to make these otherwise American festivals worthwhile for them...must have gone a long way in making the children comfortable :)

Lotus Reads 3:34 AM  

Awww, what a very sweet post, Starry! I love reminisces and Halloween memories are the most fun. My 16-year still goes trick or treating...not sure when it will stop! :)

starry nights 6:46 PM  

Pria..thank you.Yes they sure remember the fun we used to have.

starry nights 6:47 PM  

Polona..thank you

starry nights 6:49 PM  

mystic rose...I think I got into the halloween spirit because of the kids. first i just played along but later really learned to enjoy the day. I am sure your kids look cute in their costumes.

starry nights 6:50 PM  

Keshi..thank you.Do you celebrate halloween in Australia?

starry nights 6:50 PM  

Kalyan..thank you

starry nights 6:52 PM  

Srijith..thank you and I am doing so much better.It is kind of slow but I am getting there.Thank you for asking.How are you doing?

starry nights 6:52 PM  

Chandni..thank you.I think I had a good time playing along with the kids.

starry nights 6:53 PM  

DotM...thank you.It must be exciting to see the grandchildren all dressed up.I think I have to wait for mine.

starry nights 6:54 PM  

Fuzzylogic..thank you and I am sure Ina is cute in her costume.what is she going to be this year.

starry nights 6:55 PM  

MM..thank you.

starry nights 6:57 PM  

Lotus reads..thank you. I think Halloween is fun even for adults.16 is still young. I sometimes dressed up as a witch when I accompanied the kids.

Anali 9:29 PM  

Oh I love these pictures! Thanks for sharing them Starry! I hope your blues pass and you'll be able to enjoy the day when it arrives. Do you have many trick-or-treaters?

Keshi 12:21 AM  

yes! But I dun think Aussies r as big as yanks r when it comes to Halloween celebrations :)

But I do love the feeling of Halloween..and how kids come knocking on doors trick-or-treating :):)


Ghost Particle 3:22 AM  

nostalgia and memory remains...made me sad. oh well...we must get older...the reality of time.

AVIANA 11:29 AM  

have a nice weekend!

Jeevan 2:27 AM  

Your tag done:)

Orchid 9:23 AM  

hey starry,
you seem nostalgic...this post reminded me to cherish Li'l A's growing years even more....he wants to be a superman this yr, I'll remember to have fun. Thank you for this post

MM 9:40 AM  

hv a great weekend starry!!

Alapana 5:10 AM  

Memories makes life easy and at times hard too, reading through the lines i went back to a time gone by in my life,i wish i can go back but i know there is only one way now,to look forward and at such times we remember, of time gone by,memories,then make us smile:)

krystyna 2:19 PM  

Hi Lalita!
I came through Jeevan's blog.
You have a wonderful blog.
This post is so lovely with your memory. Beautiful photos.
Happiness be always with you!

Kai C. 2:30 PM  

your children is adorable!
i hope you are well!

Srivalli 1:23 AM  

those are such a lovely collection of memories...thanks for sharing them. your kids look so cute..

starry nights 8:59 PM  

Anali..yes the Haloween blues have passed and I am eager to pass out candy to the trick or treaters.Not many kids come these days.

adi 6:22 AM  

loved loved loved these pics :)
nice to see maya n vijay, but hey, when will we see J? and u?
hope u r doing fine starry. take care.

Juhi 10:05 AM  

halloween! I just love how houses are decorated with those carved punpkins and the lovely costumes. my nephews are dressing as Robin and Superman this year and I cant wait to see them... :)
nice blog! pl visit mine sometime

Daniel & Anu 1:49 PM  

I love the pictures! It reminds me of all the fun we had when we were little!

Asha 2:27 PM  

Lalitha, I was so busy looking at your kids and plants, I think I missed your award first time around!
Congratulations, you are a great schmoozer. Thanks for giving me one too!Hugs!:))
Happy Halloween to you and your's. Enjoy!:))

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