Wednesday, October 24, 2007


We took a drive to see what was happenning around the neighborhood, all we could see was smoke. The sun looks so red against the smoke.I took this video from the car.

As all of you know by now that parts of california is on fire.I am so glad that the fire skipped our side of the valley but came really close.It is sad that thousands of homes were damaged in the fire.We just had no electricity for two days, so there was no TV or internet service so "J" and myself spent time reading and talking, mostly reminiscing about our childhood.The winds were really strong , below is a video of the wind, and the trees swaying.Can you hear the wind? I took this video from the porch upstairs. Thank you for all the enquiries, sorry I could not update earlier because we had no service,all the lines were down.

A picture of my curry leaf plant ,looks so sad.I was protecting this plant and watched it grow all summer to be torn down by the wind.

See what happened to my banana trees.just bowing down in awe of the mighty wind.


Madhu 11:03 PM  

hey lalitha,

am glad you guys escaped. it must be scary just seeing that red glow. do take care.

god bless

priya 1:19 AM  


Its very sad to see many houses burning and hope nature helps with few showers soon.

Your banana tree looks pretty bad indeed.

Asha 6:18 AM  

I am just glad you are all okay! I saw on TV, such a terrible fire! So sad about curry and Banana plants too. Take care L!:)

Jeevan 6:27 AM  

The video was amazing on the reddish sun! That was really good news that the fire changed its direction from your house; I saw some pics of the fire where the houses destroyed was sorrowful.

pink ginger 珂琳 8:37 AM  

I plant curry leafs too. It make my cooking taste yummy, especially I use it to fry meat.

polona 9:41 AM  

oh, these videos are quite eerie.
i'm glad that you are safe now.
all the best!

chitra 1:26 AM  

Hi dear,

Glad that you escaped.

I am sure, you and your husband must have had enough time to talk to each other, with TV/net everything off.

love u, take care,

Sophie 2:11 AM  

i coundt check the vedio its banned here in office...
but take care...the plants look pathetic

Anonymous,  2:43 AM  

Hi lalitha its very sad to see the raging fire their, with what is happening their currently, but nice to know you are alright...stay safe & well!

Cuckoo 4:05 AM  

Hey Lalitha,
I am glad that you have escaped the fire. Don't worry too much about the plants. They'll grow again.

BTW, You have been awarded. Check my blog.

Happy weekend. :-)

Lotus Reads 4:12 AM  

HI, Starry

We have been reading about the fires for the past few days but I hadn't realized that you lived in California or else I would have flown to your blog sooner! Glad you are well...and thank you for the videos and pictures. What a sad time for everybody.

I love that you are able to have a curry leaf plant, I would love to grow one myself, because I use the leaves in almost every dish I make.

Take care Starry and update us when you can, ok?

starry nights 8:46 AM  

Hi Madhu..yes we had no fires on our side of the town but it was over the hill on the other side.

starry nights 8:47 AM  

Pria..yes the winds were so strong all my trees are down, the banana tree especially looks so pathetic.

starry nights 8:48 AM  

Thank you Asha..atleast my plants will grow back, feel sad about the people who lost their lives and somany lost their homes.

starry nights 8:49 AM  

Jeevan..yes the winds were on our side so the fire went the other way.

starry nights 8:50 AM  

Pink ginger..I love the smell of the curry leaf in my takes a long time to grow.

starry nights 8:50 AM  

Polona..thanks.yes it is really calm the last few days.

starry nights 8:51 AM  

Kalyan..thank you.

starry nights 8:51 AM  

Cuckoo..another award.I have to check it out..thank you.

starry nights 8:56 AM  

Lotus reads..yes california has been my home.we were lucky that the fire was on the other side of the hill, but last year we had a wall of fire surrounding our small city.It was really scary.

starry nights 8:56 AM  

Lotus reads..yes california has been my home.we were lucky that the fire was on the other side of the hill, but last year we had a wall of fire surrounding our small city.It was really scary.

Kai C. 11:18 AM  

it's sad that all the houses are burned down. but i am so glad you guys are safe.

take care.......

Fuzzylogic 7:10 PM  

The images on tv itself were terrifying so I can realize scary the situation could have been.Glad though that you guys are safe.The banana plant has taken a severe beating. Take care starry!

Jac 4:09 AM  

Thank God you are Safe.

The banana and the curry leaf plant too saddens me.
I am back, but I missed lots of your posts.

Anali 9:44 AM  

I had no idea that you were so close to the fires! I thought you were more North. Stay safe and thanks for sharing the videos with us.

Dotm 5:18 PM  

So glad the fire didn`t get any closer. My heart goes out to all those who lost their homes and all their prescious processions.

I haven`t heard strong winds like that in quite a while. Heard on the TV the winds had lessened, but also that arson was involved in starting some of the fires. I sure hope they catch the person or persons who are to blame before they do more damage.
Glad to hear you are safe.

starry nights 9:03 PM  

Kai c..Yes I am glad that we were safe from the fire.

starry nights 9:04 PM  

Fuzzylogic..yes my banana tree took a severe beating.but there are baby ones already growing so I will still have a banana tree next year.

starry nights 9:05 PM  

Jac..yes it was sad, but i am thankful the fore did not come too close to us.

starry nights 9:06 PM  

Anali..the fire was on the other side of the mountain and I am glad the winds died down.

starry nights 9:07 PM  

Dotm...How are you.thank you for your kind heart also goes out to the people who lost their homes.

Anonymous,  12:12 AM  

Oh, I did here about this, I hope all is well with you ..Take Care of yOurself


Sweetstickychewy 9:52 PM  

Hopefully the fire never meets you guys. ITs pretty scary being in a place close to destruction. It must have been devastating for the people who were affected.

I am glad to hear you guys are safe. May God protect your home.


Keshi 9:52 PM  

Its really very sad! Im so glad that ur SAFE Starry!


Ghost Particle 10:03 PM  

and I always thought curry leaves can grow anywhere...hemm...thank god the fire skipped ur place.

indianboy 12:02 PM  

Certainly it is a catastrophe.New life will emerge from the ashes.We humans actually do not know to give up.

starry nights 8:01 PM  

Nasra..thank you.

starry nights 8:01 PM was scary,but I am glad it escaped us.

starry nights 8:02 PM  

keshi..thank you.

starry nights 8:03 PM  

Indianboy..welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by true something will evolve from the ashes.

starry nights 8:04 PM  

Ghost particle..cuyyrleaves can grow in most places but are very fussy, so it needed a lot of TLC and finally was growing but all the leaves were swept up by the wind.

mystic rose 3:36 PM  

Ive been hearing about that..glad yoaure all safe though, and not near that area. We used to live in LA and this is particularly destroying.

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