Wednesday, December 06, 2006

ONE MONTH UPDATE... slow and steady wins the race.

Today makes one month since I had my surgery, I can definetly say I am on the road to recovery. Had my first post-op visit with the doctor.He feels I am doing well but I have a long way to go. Apparently the bone takes about 12 weeks to fuse. I have to have a CT scan done in February 2007 to evaluate bone fusion. Only after that will I start Physical Therapy and Rehab. I was a little disheartened about this, but I have to be strong and I am sure the next two months will go by fast. Right now I am like a turtle slow but steady , I am sure I will win this race. All of you have made me feel so special and loved, and have stood beside me.

I am up with the walker throughout the day, as much as I can. My incision is healing well.Not able to sit for long but am doing better every day. I had to add comment moderation on my blog because of unwanted stuff coming through.I do apologize. I have started slowly going through everyones blog , still have a long way to go. Will write again later. Happy holidays to each and every one of you.


samuru999 12:19 PM  

You are doing great starry!!!

One day at a time
so and easy...wins the race
keep it at your own pace
erase all troubles from your mind
Your're a always shine!

Take care now!


priya 12:29 PM  

Starry, are you in India or wat. Your date shows dec 6th.

Glad you are recovering and keeping in good spirits. Don't worry and you will win the race.

Take your time and visit the blogs.

starry nights 12:53 PM  

Margie..Thank you for your kind words.take care.

Asha 12:56 PM  

Don't worry about us,Starry! Get well soon.We will always be here whenever you are ready!

Hey, you already survived the surgery.It's just Re-Hab now.You will be okay.Take it easy and keep smiling:)

Good luck sweets.

samuru999 1:25 PM  

Hi starry
It should have been...
slow and easy...not so and easy!
Sorry about that!

You are so very welcome Starry!


Contented 1:42 PM  

Hey Starry! Good to know your recovery. Slow and steady wins the race...:)

Shionge 4:23 PM  

Glad to have an update from you and knowing you have a speedy recovery.

Take care and have a good week ahead.

Keshi 4:39 PM  

Thats the way...slow n steady. Im sure u'll fully recover by the end of Jan.

Just crank up the volume on ur fav CD and relax sweetie :) TC n huggggggggggggz!


KK 5:32 PM  

Wow! thats nice to hear Starry :)
You will surely win the race, dont you worry. And the 12 weeks time will go in a jiffy because of the holiday season.
Take care Starry.

starry nights 6:01 PM  

Priya..I think all the medication is clouding my mind.mixed up the dates.wish I was in India.

starry nights 6:02 PM  

Asha..Thank you

starry nights 6:02 PM  

Margie..Thanks.I knew what you meant.take care.

starry nights 6:03 PM  

Shionge..Thank you

starry nights 6:03 PM  

Contented..Thank you.

starry nights 6:04 PM  

Keshi..Thanks. Could not have made it this far without my music.take care.

starry nights 6:05 PM  

KK..Thanks. I am counting on the Holiday season to make the time go by fast,

alex 6:56 PM  

Just give it time and yes, it will be fine. Do what you ought to do.

I was on the walker for 5 months when i had an internal fixation in my femur.

I realised the importance of so many things which i had overlooked before.

Gob bless you, lalitha.

deepsat 7:21 PM  

you are doing great!! take care of yourself!!

i am sure a month from now you will be just perfectly back to normal


Chet 7:37 PM  

I am glad your recovery is going well. May God speed you on your way.

faith 7:39 PM  

Glad to know that you are doing better starry.. take care.. *smiles*

Aditi 8:33 PM  

hey....i am glad you're doing better.. hang in there.. by summer u will be in great shape to enjoy it fully if not well earlier

Anali 9:10 PM  

Hi Starry! So glad to hear about your continued progress.

Although you're not dancing on the outside yet, I'm sure you are on the inside just waiting to bust out!
Keep your spirits up! : )

Astral 11:28 PM  

Good to know this..... you take care of yourself. All will be fine soon. :) GOD bless!

Neihal 3:02 AM  

dont worry starry....we all are praying for your speedy recovery....
take care:)

Sojourner 5:21 AM  

Happy holidays to you too starry... take care.
I love Tortoise too :)

hillgrandmom 7:54 AM  

Glad to see you back. The Christmas music is great! All the best

starry nights 10:46 AM  

Alex..Thank you. I am positive that I am going to be well soon. sometimes these things take time.

starry nights 10:46 AM  

Deepsat..thank you

starry nights 10:46 AM  

Chet thank you.

starry nights 10:47 AM  

Faith..Thank you

starry nights 10:47 AM  

Aditi..Thank you. Yes I am planning a trip to India in the summer.

starry nights 10:48 AM  

Anali..Thank you.

starry nights 10:48 AM  

Astral..Thank you

starry nights 10:48 AM  

Neihal..Thank you.

starry nights 10:48 AM  

Sojourner..Thank you

starry nights 10:49 AM  

Hillgrandmom..Thank you. I love all christmas music.

Sunil Parmar 12:41 PM  

Hello Starry!!!
It's great to know that you are on the path to recover....
Soon you'll b fit and fine.:)
Good luck.

b v n 12:41 PM  

keep walking pal :)

Rricha Nimish 12:46 PM  

Thanks for your comment and take care...get well soon..
As I always believe...if God brings you to it, he will bring you through it..

lots of wishes!!

Rricha Nimish 12:47 PM  

Thanks for your comments.
Take care and get well soon..As I always believe...if God brings you to it..he will bring you through it..

Lots of wishes!!!

Kuan Gung 8:14 PM  

Patience my friend...very good things come to those that wait...very best of wishes

adi 9:20 PM  

when all this is over, you'll look back at the days gone by and wonder how you managed it all...and then only one word will come to your mind, its the love of people around you, people who care, people whom you care for, its their love that will take you that far away...and when all of this is over, i'll come agian and ask you, how the heck you managed it all ;)

Perspective Inc. 10:50 PM  

Get well soon.. And happy holidays!

Lera 5:56 AM  

starry I am really glad to hear you are getting better by the day ,just keep faith .cheers and happy holidays :)

Lera 5:58 AM  

Starry,I am glad to hear you are getting better by the day, just keep faith .Cheers and Happy Holidays :)

Sanjay 7:58 AM  

Don't give up.. keep going. Our prayers and best wishes are with you.

starry nights 4:32 PM  

Sunil..Thank you.

starry nights 4:33 PM  

Bvn..Thank you.

starry nights 4:34 PM  

Rricha Nimish....Welcome to my blog and please do come by again.thank you for your kind words.

starry nights 4:34 PM  

Kuan..Thank you

starry nights 4:35 PM  

Adi..Thank you for those wise words.I will look back some day and wonder How I got to the other side.

starry nights 4:36 PM  

Perspective..thank you.

starry nights 4:36 PM  

Lera..thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words.

starry nights 4:36 PM  

Sanjay..Thank you.

ishita 8:18 PM  

slow and steady surely wins the race...:)...just relax and enjoy the holiday season...time flies u know:) and u'll be all fine soon:)..!!

tk care:-)

jac 11:08 PM  

You know something ??

You are my fav turtle.

Neers 2:19 AM  

heyy lalitha... take good care!!

amu (amrita) 4:36 AM  

hii came to your blog after a long time. felt good to hear that you are recovering steadily. yes tortoises do win races and so would you. all our best wishes are for you.

Sumitha 9:05 AM  

Star warm hugs from me!

Madhu 9:19 AM  

Hi starry, just came to know of ur surgery (read ur blog after a long time!) Nice to see u r keeping positive.

Just think positive and keep hope. Wish u a speedy recovery.

starry nights 11:03 AM  

Ishita..Thank you.

starry nights 11:04 AM made my day. I think you are one of my fav's too.

starry nights 11:05 AM  


starry nights 11:05 AM  

Amrita..Thank you

starry nights 11:05 AM  

Sumitha..thank you.

starry nights 11:05 AM  

Madhu..thank you.

Jeevan 2:04 AM  

Hope you will recover fully soon... take care of ur health and more rest:)

Cuckoo 7:34 AM  

Hey Lalitha,,,
Well, you are the your name suggests...
Slow & steady... turtles always win the race..

Take care,,, & up on your feet soon !!

Robyn 1:37 PM  

Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery!


smiley 4:50 AM  

hear soulful music...
watch romantic movies...
see old photo albums...

catch up on life and a pleasant recovery :)

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