Saturday, December 09, 2006



Asha 1:11 PM  

Hi Starry,beautiful thoughts.I agree with all of those whole heartedly!That's the way to go in life.

Have a great weekend:)

priya 2:50 PM  

Thank for sharing starry and that was so beautiful for the weekend.

Anonymous,  6:55 PM  

hey starry have nice weekend...
happy thoughts and lovely cartoons :). thanks for sharing.
take care!

VIDYA 2:59 AM  

:-) tht was nice!!!

Don Iannone 4:15 AM  

Great message, great video and music, and great Scot, I haven't been here in a while. Hoping you are well...

starry nights 12:33 PM  

Asha..thanks.I hope you have a good weekend too.

starry nights 12:33 PM  

Priya..thank you.have a good weekend.

starry nights 12:34 PM  

Vidya..welcome to my blog and please do come again.Thank you.

starry nights 12:34 PM  

Sojourner.thanks.hope you have a good weekend.

starry nights 12:37 PM  

Don..thank you.good to see you stop by.have a good weekend.

Robyn 1:34 PM  

Those are all really great messages. Thanks for sharing :)


Shionge 4:48 PM  

Hiya Starry, how how true indeed about anger and over the years I've mellowed so much. Thank you for sharing ya

Lera 5:49 PM  

Beautiful wordings lovely cartoon clips ! so very True..:)

Keshi 8:28 PM  

WOW nice work Starry! Brightened up my day. ty n huggggggggz!


samuru999 10:11 PM  

Wonderful Starry!
Thanks for sharing!
The weekend is over, but I hope yours was great!
How are you doing?
I think of you often!
Take care of yourself!


Ekta 4:49 AM  

awww...such beautiful thots...!!

Krithika 6:25 AM  

God always gives the best to those who leave the choice to him..
-first time here

starry nights 10:23 AM  


starry nights 10:24 AM  

Margie..thanks.Hope you had a good but not too cold weekend.

starry nights 10:24 AM  


starry nights 10:25 AM  

Shionge..thank you.

starry nights 10:25 AM  

Ekta..thank you

starry nights 10:25 AM  

Krithika..welcome to my blog and I do hope you will stop by again.thank you.

Krithika 10:41 PM  

@ starry nights:
thanks :) you too..pls visit mine

Aditi 8:15 PM  

oh all pretty good

KK 1:28 AM  

Those were very sweet messages Starry... cute one :)

KK 1:29 AM  

Those were very sweet messages Starry... cute one :)

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