Monday, December 11, 2006


My sister stayed with me for three whole weeks, she left yesterday. Inspite of being in pain my days were filled with laughter and endless hours of talking. My sister took the place of my mother and did everything that a mother would do for her child. Every morning I would wake up and see my sister in the next bed, she always woke up with a smile and said something funny to make me laugh. we would spend hours talking about how it was when we were growing up , about her schooldays and also how it was when her children were young. There was never a dull moment, there was always something to talk about. I would read out to her anything interesting I found either in the newspaper of the magazines, she would patiently listen and appear interested even if it did not interest her. Sometimes late into the night I would still be talking and would suddenly realize that she was fast asleep.

I am going to miss all the nice home cooked food and all the pampering but she had to go back home to her family. They live about 90 miles away from me so its not too bad .I will get to see her on and off. Most of the time you dont realize how important family is untill you are in a crisis or when you are sick. Nobody in this world will standby you like family. I think even in the worst of families where there is a lot of problems, in times of trouble they appear to get along and help one another.

I am so thankful and happy that I got to spend this wonderful time with my sister, this may not have happened if I were not sick. I have to believe that everything happens for a reason. I will always treasure this time that I had with her and wish everyone could have a sister like her.She will always be my friend.


Dotm 3:25 PM  

Hi, Glad you are doing better after your op.. Take it slow, as the therapist keeps telling me- don`t overdo. I wish you all the best. I am in therapy to get back the use of my right arm after a bad fall. I didn`t go thru a back op like you did. Good Luck.
Sound like you had a lovely visit with your sister. Families sure are great when we need them.
Thanks for signing my Guest book on my blog.

Keshi 3:51 PM  

How nice of ur sis to come over and take care of u like that. Not all sisters r like that. U 2 r blessed to have such a good sisterly r'ship.

Lovely song of my favs!

Hugggggggz Starry!

starry nights 4:09 PM  

dotm..hope your arm is much better must be busy with the holidays around the corner.

starry nights 4:10 PM  

Keshi..I am lucky to have a good and supporting family.without which I could not have come through so well.

Shionge 5:48 PM  

You are so blessed Ms. Starry, I've always wanted a sister when I was younger (I have 2 brothers).

Now I am very happy my two girls have each other just like you :D

Poetry by Kai 6:50 PM  

i've been fine...i went to the dance are u? how's your sergury go?

ur very lucky to have a sister like that...


p.s. i'm always ready for xmas...

deepsat 7:20 PM  

u r blessed!! guess everything happens for a sweet reason!


Neihal 9:04 PM  

lovely post starry....I dont have a sister but my brothers are my best freinds....
and you are a very positive person to see something good even in all the pain :)...

Krithika 10:45 PM  

how nice!..I dun have a sister..but i hav a cute little brother,and absolutely..nothin like a family to support u in trouble

jac 11:13 PM  

You are indeed lucky to have her near you.

Merry Christmas and prayers again.

Ghost Particle 1:28 AM ignorant coz i never knew u were in this predicament. But this is a nice post. Thats why human feelings are deeper than ever right. Alot of memories of childhood can be relieved if only we have the space and time to share.

Hope you get well completely.

Contented 4:11 AM  

Thats great sister you have like I do...:) In fact blessed to have one like that. A mere thought of her gives a different feeling altogether.

Btw, nice of my favs...:)

Take care!

Sojourner 5:16 AM  

family is thick indeed.

There is always something or the other to take from your blog :)

Take care starry!

Srijith Unni 6:27 AM  

Hi Starry,

It is so comforting to know that you are on the fast track to recovery . Nice to know your sister. I agree with you 100 %

samuru999 7:16 AM  

Hi Starry
How very special!
What a wonderful sister you have!
I have a sister just like yours!
Thanks for this beautiful post...
it made me smile!

Take care!


Asha 7:17 AM  

Sorry to hear your sister's return,Lalitha! But she was there when you needed her

Take care and you are lucky to have relatives who cares for you.

Mr. J 7:22 AM  

Wishing you a happy recovery. Yeh, nothing can replace family. Sadly most people tend to take it for granted.

priya 8:07 AM  

Nothing comes when you have a family around when you need. Glad you had a wonderful time with her.

starry nights 9:16 AM  

Shionge..I have brothers too.I am glad you have two girls,they will always stand by each other.thank you.

starry nights 9:17 AM  

Kai..nice to hear from must have had a good time at the year i will be surgery went well and am recovering.thanks for stopping by.Hugz to you.

starry nights 9:18 AM  

Deepsat..thank you. I have to believe that.

starry nights 9:18 AM  

Neihal..thank you. I have brothers also who are just as sweet.

starry nights 9:19 AM true.dosent matter if they are brothers or sisters, family will see you through.

starry nights 9:20 AM  

Jac..thank you.Merry christmas to you too.what is santa bringing you?(have you been naughty or nice?)

starry nights 9:20 AM  

Ghost particle..thank you.Its not too bad, am recovering well.

starry nights 9:21 AM  

Contented..thanks.I am lucky to have a loving family who cares.

starry nights 9:22 AM  


starry nights 9:22 AM  

Srijith..thanks.yes nothing like family.

starry nights 9:23 AM  

Margie..thank you. everytime you post a poem I learn something from it.

starry nights 9:24 AM  

Asha..true.I miss her but she was ther e when I needed her.

starry nights 9:25 AM  

John..thank you.sure most people take them for granted. I am just thankful they are there.

starry nights 9:26 AM  

Priya..true. I had a wonderful time with my sister.

jac 10:36 AM  

Check out your Santa who bring you presents.

If your Santa has a stylish temporary limp...then it is me.

starry nights 12:31 PM  

Jac..I will be on the look out for this special santa:)

polona 1:20 PM  

thank you for the visit. i understand you had a recent surgery... i wish you a full and speedy recovery.
it's great to have a sister like yours, she must be a blessing.

ari4u 7:37 PM  

this is one touching post. Family lasts through thick and thin. Im so happy that you are feeling better and on the way to speedy recovery. Too bad technology cannot offer options like overnight recovery, three day recovery or standard recovery. I wish someone invents such methods. Till then, my prayers are with you. :)

"You'll be dancing once again and the pain will end
Sing a new song Chiquitita"

:) Take care lalitha.

Aditi 8:18 PM  

Sisters by birth, friends by choice
that is what I tell my sister often enough...
It was good that your sister was able to come visit and stay with you, I am sure having her around was a major morale booster...
its almost christmas break so I am sure that should be something to look forward to

Mindinside 9:21 PM  

Happy Holidays To You!

Mindinside 9:25 PM  

Happ Holidays To You!

Sugarlips 9:38 PM  

A sister is one who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

Its a blessing to have great siblings :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

starry nights 10:16 PM  

polona..thanks.yeah I am on my way to recovery.welcome to my blog and I do hope you will stop by again.

starry nights 10:17 PM  

ari4u..thanks.I wish there was an overnight recovery also.It would be nice.I do hope to be dancing sooon.

starry nights 10:19 PM true.sisters by birth and friends by choice.she truly is my best friend,even though she is a lot older than me.

starry nights 10:19 PM  

Mindinside..Happy holidays to you too.

starry nights 10:20 PM  

sugarlips..welcome to my blog and please do stop by again.I love this line"A sister is one who reaches for your hand and touches your heart."this is so true of my sister.

Perspective Inc. 11:28 PM  

And now you made me miss my sister!! :)

Neers 5:56 AM  

heyyy, this is so great!! i love my sis, more than anything else in the world... and its great to have her!! am so happy for you

Krithika 6:02 AM  

I hav added you to my blogroll as it ok? :)

neermathalam 6:07 AM  

u r blessed..

brute 8:40 AM  

whoa!!! hey Ur blog template is very koool..and also the post :)

starry nights 10:03 AM  

Perspective..welcome to my blog and please do come again. did not want you to miss your sister:(

starry nights 10:04 AM are you?

starry nights 10:04 AM  

Krithika..thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

starry nights 10:05 AM  

Neermathalam..thank you.

starry nights 10:05 AM  

Brute..welcome to my blog and please do come by again..thank you.

Id it is 1:51 PM  

Sisters are indeed very special! They fill in the gaps that life leaves us with; be it of a mother, a father, a spouse, even a child! They are perhaps an extension of your very self; no wonder they feel so close.
Glad to know you are feeling better.

Jeevan 10:57 PM  

Its great to know you have a nice sister who takes care of u these days. Hope she will be back some time to make u happy soon. I accept whatever problem we have each other’s in a family, if we are sick or get problem from outer, they are the first persons to stand for us.

hillgrandmom 10:50 AM  

Yes, sometimes we get such good things out of not so good times. Best of luck to your recovery.

hillgrandmom 10:51 AM  

Yes, sometimes we get such good things out of not so good times. Best of luck to your recovery.

hillgrandmom 10:54 AM  

Yes, sometimes we get such good things out of not so good times. Best of luck to your recovery.

hillgrandmom 10:55 AM  

Yes, sometimes we get such good things out of not so good times. Best of luck to your recovery.

starry nights 11:34 AM true they try to fill the void in our lives and my sister did take the place of my mother.I will always treasure those moments.

starry nights 11:34 AM  


starry nights 11:34 AM  

Hillgrandmom.thanks.yes sometimes good comes out of something bad.I am feeling a lot better.thank you all for your prayers.

KK 1:32 AM  

It was so nice of your sister to take care of you. :) Take care :)

starry nights 9:33 PM  

KK..thank you.

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