Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I have been tagged By Adi.

Rules of the game.
1. Name the person who tagged you.
2. Eight things about you.
3. Tag six people

  1. I think most of you know quite a bit about me. I am a wife and a mother of two and a sister. I am originally from Bangalore, and have lived in the U.S. all of my adult life.
  2. I am sensitive, ( J thinks I am ultra sensitive). I love nature, especially the sun, moon and the stars. I enjoy the seasons and would love to live on a farm.
  3. I used to be upset about little things but have learnt not to let these things upset me. There are so many other things to think about , no use sweating about the small stuff.
  4. I love to read and did not know how much I loved to write until I started to blog.
  5. I am not a very religious person, spiritual in a sense, I think there is one God and we all take different paths to reach this god.
  6. I do not like guns and violence. I think most problems can be solved with non-violence.
  7. The simple things in life excite me.
8. I am blessed with a wonderful husband , children , a large family and many beautiful
9. I love everything that has to do with the universe and OuterSpace.
10.I love all my blogger friends out there. Even though sometimes I don't feel so well,
reading your posts makes me smile.

I have been tagged By Hip Grandma and Alex To name six weird things about me. I have done this tag before, but decided to do it again because I can come up with more than six weird things
  1. I love to dance and always talk about dancing, the weird thing is I really don't know how to dance.
  2. When I wake up in the morning I have to make my bed, even when I don't feel so good.
  3. I check and recheck the stove top to make sure it is turned off a number of times children always laugh about this.
  4. I am always waiting to see the end of a show or a movie even after it has ended. Pretty weird don't you think?
  5. I love to sit at the beach and watch the waves but I am extremely scared of the water.
  6. I was told to tag six more people, the weird thing is I cannot stop at six. So I am going to tag the next 10 bloggers who comment on this post.


Mumbai Guy 2:58 PM  

Cancerians are always sensitive. Me included.

Hey, Checking up Gas stove many times before leaving house is what I can say happens to me all the time. I am always in doubt whether I left it on. Lolz. So am not the only one at this. ;)

Twisted DNA 6:09 PM  

LOL at the stove top thing. You are a good mom :) Moms are always worried about keeping a safe environment for the kids and I think it sticks with them even after the kids grow up.

I think I did both the tags before so you can't tag me. :D

Neers 8:21 PM  

:) Starry, i think, i have told you some zillion times... its great to ne here... always brings a fond smile!

alex 8:42 PM  


"I check and recheck the stove top to make sure it is turned off a number of times children always laugh about this."

Being careful, lol...i had a good laugh too!

The small things in life excite me too. :)

Bhargav 10:02 PM  

The stove thing - I do it too. Some times I unlock the door and recheck the stove. Crazy one might say...

Sudarshan 10:51 PM  

Haha :-)

Tags are fun, aren't they? They make you reveal so much!!!

Nicely done :-)

Yogi 10:55 PM  

Playing around again starry :)) will change it soon back to the old one if this is too blue!!

Life Lover 11:35 PM  

Count me in on the stove top thingy, I just can't help myself and have to check a couple of times just to make sure! :) Enjoyed reading your other posts too!

Aditi 11:49 PM  

nice tags..=)
Your love for dancing shows just how much u enjoy life... and waves are beautiful... I guess i think i am tagged .. will do

Dawn....सेहर 11:55 PM  

haha cool things to know abt u dear...but I already participated in this tag game...so I guess I can be excluded and next one will be the 10th ;)

R.E.B.E.L 12:52 AM  

I check and recheck the stove top to make sure it is turned off a number of times children always laugh about this. -- OCD, my mom has it too.. and we at tat laugh too :-)

Calabar Gal 2:10 AM  

Have I been tagged too? I'm no 12 I think?

Anyway, Watch my SPACE!!

Ganesh Ranganathan 2:44 AM  

I just escaped....comment no. 13...unlucky??

alex 7:02 AM  

You are tagged!

Foodie's Hope 7:11 AM  

That's a lot of Tag todo and well done too! My kind of girl,you are!!Donot tag , I am doing my 4th tomorrow!:))
My kids are too old to worry abt stove tops! but does 15yrs driving my SUV count?!:D:D Yes! she is killing me with worry!!

starry nights 7:47 AM  

Mumbai guy ..a cancerian like me.Yeah I do that with the gas stove, really afraid I may leave it on and go to bed.so I am not alone in this.

starry nights 7:48 AM  

twisted dna..thanks. I think a lot of people have done this tag before, so you are off the hook.

starry nights 7:48 AM  

Neers..thank you.

starry nights 7:49 AM  

Alex..thanks and it is a habit I cant forget.

starry nights 7:50 AM  

barghav..welcome to my blog and please do come again. I have done that too.once we were going on a trip,we had to get off the freeway and go back home because I was sure I had left the stove on.

starry nights 7:51 AM  

Sudarshan..so you are tagged.lets get to know more about you.

starry nights 7:52 AM  

Yogi..thanks. I think I like this blue.maybe the white was too white.thanks.I think this is a true blue.You going to do this tag?

starry nights 7:53 AM  

rujul..welcome to my blog and please do come again.I just figured out I am not alone in this stove top thing.

starry nights 7:53 AM  

Aditi..thanks. looking forward to reading your tag.

starry nights 7:54 AM  

Dawn..thanks. I am sure the person below you is excited. he he he.

starry nights 7:55 AM  

r.e.b.e.l...thats funny, your mom is like me. I think you have been tagged to do this.

starry nights 7:56 AM  

calabar gal..welcome to my blog and please do come again. yes you have been tagged because actually you fall within the ten because a couple of people had alsredy done this tag.will stop by to read it.

starry nights 7:57 AM  

Ganesh..you have been tagged. 13 happened to be number 10. please do the tag, need to know more about you.

starry nights 7:58 AM  

Alex..tagged again. will check it out.

starry nights 8:00 AM  

foodies hope..welcome to my blog and please come again. no matter how long you have been driving people who love you will always worry.

samuru999 8:13 AM  

Nice job on the tags!
neers tagged me to do the weird things one.... I guess I will have to do it... as I told her I would!
For some reason I don't like to do tags though!

I also love to sit at the beach, and watch the waves.... but, I love to be in the water!

I've done the rechecking of the stove thing.
Once we were half-way to Denver, and I was not sure I turned it off.
We came back(and my hubby was not
a happy camper!)
Good thing we did come back...
as our garage door was open.
(it was not me that left it open though...
hubby did it!)

I love all of nature too...
and always visted my grandfather's
farm when I was a little girl.
He had horses....and I would ride them like the wind!

I hope when your back is all better...you can get up... and dance the night away...as you love to dance so much!!!!

Take care!


ufukhati 8:24 AM  

starry noghts,

You play games and you play very well.

What books are you reading now?
Cookbook or Parenting or The 10 Things About Tagging!

ufukhati 8:31 AM  


"noghts" should be read "nights".

Sorry for that..

Sigma 9:47 AM  

Starry Night,

Thanks for dropping by at my blog. I stopped by to say hello and thanks.
I have just visited your blog, and saw your last post. You have done the tags so well. You have a way :-)

Sanjay 11:08 AM  

Interesting list.. Checking the stove top is not such a bad thing. better safe than sorry. :)

Yogi 11:30 AM  

hug, i wish i could do this tag, but six weird things about me will just attract a lot of attention starry thanks tho!i will do a tag one of these days..glad you like the blue :)

saby 12:44 PM  

its a beautiful world
with beautiful sunny days

and starry nights

PS: twisted DNA is a fake

ari4u 1:13 PM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ari4u 1:14 PM  

i see you love playing tags :).
Sorry, i still have not taken up your tag from coupla posts ago. Im not a taggy person and i dont think i have ever taken up a tag. I just cant get myself to write about myself. Though I can write bout my pics endlessly.

priya 1:23 PM  


U have become a cool techie now playinh with your template. This one looks cool and nice blue...

As women we are common to double check the kitchen gadgets very much..
People ing eneral are all sensitive starry and what makes us upset/ angry is based on situations.

Maya Cassis 3:21 PM  

hey there!
it was nice to know so much more about you
this was a great attempt at the tag that's doing the rounds.
I still have it pending and reading yours inspires me to run and do mine.
Hey i love dancing too though am not trained and don't even dance all that much ,but when i do...it feels like I was born to dance hahah

starry nights 3:32 PM  

Margie..thanks. I know I have done that a couple of times. I also check and recheck if the front door is locked a couple of times.I am not OC though.

KK 7:31 PM  

Hey Nice tagging Starry. :)
I too do many of your wierd things that you have mentioned. Except for your re-checking of stove I do everything else :)
Your template looks really awesome, I like it very much.

Lera 7:34 PM  

Starry, Impressive read ! nice to get to know more about your sensitive & compassionate side .Not to mention it's nice to see your blog going Blue, It looks very cool capturing your fascination for outer space,indeed a starry experience......:)
I would say your thoughts are practical in being careful and cautious...hey, you are very much like me when it comes to keep re-checking on the door locks and stove....;) Plan to re- check your blog once I'm back from vacation.

Neers 7:37 PM  

hi!! hows you??

Nisha 7:46 PM  

My one wierd thing would have to be, i like reading the end pages of a book first and i then start from the beginning. I am a sucker for good endings so i like knowing how things are going to end:-)

Wierd i know, but i cant stop myself from doing it.

Anonymous,  8:23 PM  

I check and recheck the stove top to make sure it is turned off a number of times children always laugh about this.***I used to do all that before marriage when after coming home late in the night, cook the food, at times i used to forget to put it off...lolz

Keshi 8:44 PM  

wow so many new things I learnt abt u Starry TY!

lolu dun have to know how to dance...just move ur body to the rhythm babez. Ur so cute!

**.I check and recheck the stove top to make sure it is turned off a number of times children always laugh about this.

gawwwwd I do that all the time b4 I leave home LOL!

Hugggggggz Starry!

Neers 8:57 PM  

how the morning treating you??

starry nights 9:35 PM  

Ufukhati..thanks, I like playing the tag game. well I am reading a book called song of the cuckoo bird.written by Amulya Malladi

starry nights 9:35 PM  

Sigma..thanks for stopping by and please do come again.why dont you do the tag.

starry nights 9:36 PM  

Sanjay..yeah better to be safe but checking it too many times?

starry nights 9:37 PM  

Yogi.. a little attention on you is ok. well!you take your time and do it when you feel like it. thanks again for the template. I love the blue its kind of peaceful.

starry nights 9:38 PM  

Saby..thanks for stopping by.I am glad you like the sunny skies and the starry nights.

starry nights 9:39 PM  

ari4u..I think tags are fun. I know some people dont like to do it. I do love your stories and your pics.

starry nights 9:41 PM  

Priya..Me a techy no way. its my friend Yogi who did this for me. how have you been.

starry nights 9:42 PM  

KK thanks.it is coutesy of my friend Yogi. I think it looks cool too.

starry nights 9:43 PM  

Neers..not too well, will be seeing the surgeon tomorrow for the final say.Its going to be another long day with J.

starry nights 9:44 PM  

Nisha..that is weird because you are going to find out the end of the story before you begin.

starry nights 9:45 PM  

Maya..you are another danceaholic also.will stop by and see if you have done your tag.

starry nights 9:47 PM  

Lera..have a good vacation.nice to know that I am not the only weird one.take care and have fun.BTW are you going out of town?somewhere romantic maybe?

starry nights 9:48 PM  

Oh Raj..we have something in common.take care .Do you like to cook? what is your favorite dish.

starry nights 9:50 PM  

Kesood to see you back.well I move my body to the right and then to the left and then I am standing looking around to see what moves next.I think I will come to you for some lessons.

starry nights 9:52 PM  

Hey neers .It is 9.45pm here, will be getting ready for bed soon.will see the doc in the morning. How are you.

prithz 4:55 AM  

Cute tag!

And yeah, i love to sit in the beach and keep watchin the waves.. but i aint scared of the water.. as each wave comes by, i wud keep wishing it comes a bit closer and wet my feet :) its like, u r gettin closer to ur dream, ur destination..cute huh??

indianangel 5:48 AM  

Hey a sweet tag! looks like you have been bombarded with tags! Werent u not supposed to have a surgery? did all go well?

Has to be me 8:25 AM  

Thats a good one 2 note starry! Good 2 note abt the small stuff. And guess what I also love 2 watch the waves & not so fond of the water! Isnt it sooooo romantic esp on a full moon night?! ;)))

Gaurav Jain 10:25 AM  

Those are really nice things you have written.... and the slow movie part was pretty weird indeed!!!

By the way, I love the brand new look of your blog!!

starry nights 1:13 PM  

Prithz..thats a nice analysis of the waves and the water.

starry nights 1:14 PM  

Indian angel..yes i am scheduled to have surgery first week in november,so here I am still blogging.

starry nights 1:15 PM  

Has to be me..Romantic indeed, the water, the full moon and the starry skies.

starry nights 1:16 PM  

Gaurav..thanks.Yogi did this template for me.thanks to him I have a new look. I love it too.

Contented 4:17 PM  

Nice Tag!

Hmm...I am going off the blog! Just wanted to let you know!

How is your back?? when is your surgery?

Wish you a fast recovery! May be I drop by your home in near future!

I will surely be missing your space! Hope to be in touch with you via email!

Thanks yaaaar!

Mindinside 9:06 PM  

thats nice knowing about you.
Seems its tag days nowdays!

I love the oceans and water and waves and the beach and everything about it

Hip Grandma 9:59 PM  

a very sweet tag.thanks for taking it up.

Jeevan 12:17 AM  

Nice Tag dear. I go with u on your 5th wirld point, I also scared of the water. we all know much about ur first tag:)

passerby55 12:58 AM  

hey lalitha!

how are you?
keep me posted about ur next visit to the doctor.

you are remembered in our prayers always.

"I love to sit at the beach and watch the waves'...me too

get well soon...

Pavithra 1:00 AM  

Nicely written !! I'm with with u in ultra sensitivity and religious outlook !!

Sunil Parmar 2:24 AM  

That was so nice.... :) :)

Mr. J 3:25 AM  

Tags.. a nice way to say so much in so less words. :D Have a nice weekend.

adi 7:28 AM  

starry: the promised translations or should i say version are up!
do check them.

starry nights 8:24 AM  

Contented..how come you are leaving blogworld.I am going to miss you.please stop by anytime.take care of yourself.

starry nights 8:25 AM  

Mindinside..yes it appears like that.have a good weekend.why dont you take up the tag.

starry nights 8:25 AM  

Jeevan..just like me scared of the water.

starry nights 8:26 AM  

Hip grandma..thanks.

starry nights 8:28 AM  

Passerby..My surgery is going to be coming up soon.I will let you guys know,because I need all the prayers I can get.it is a major surgery.thank you for your kind words and thoughts.Sorry I have not been visiting too many blogs, been busy with a lot of doctor visits and tests.

starry nights 8:28 AM  


starry nights 8:28 AM  


starry nights 8:29 AM  

John..thank you.

starry nights 8:30 AM  

Adi..I am going over to your blog right away to read the translation.thank you so much.I do enjoy reading all your poems.they are really nice and thought provoking.

Madhu 9:15 AM  

I keep learning a lot abt u from each of ur posts. hmm the stove habit is not so bad acc to me. I had a nasty surprise once when i forgot to turn off the knob properly....so its a good thing that u recheck. safety first so dont worry abt the laughs. I hope u learn dancing sometime soon....:)

Shankari 10:07 PM  


Lovely post!

From the comments it would appear you are in for a surgery- have had some elective surgeries myself :( take care dear- I'll be praying for you ...

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