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There was an article in the LA times about how Americans see God. Is God wrathful and ready to give punishment or is God a more Benevolent creator? Americans were asked this Question and they came up with four kinds of Gods. According to the study done by Baylor University people have four perceptions of God.

Authoritarian God...— God who is "very judgmental and engaged" with the world.
This God was defined as a judgmental deity capable of inflicting punishment on the unfaithful or ungodly.

Benevolent God... — God who is not judgmental but still very active in human affairs.
A God who judges humankind but is less likely to be angry or act in "wrathful ways." This God is mainly a positive influence on the world and less willing to punish individuals.

Distant God ... deity who is removed from human affairs.
A kind of a God, defined as one who does not interact with the world and "is not especially angry either." Such a God, researchers said, is viewed more as a "cosmic force which sets the laws of nature in motion."

Critical God ...— God who does not interact with the world, but who still views some events on Earth with disfavor.
This deity is similar to the Distant God in that this God does not interact with the world. Still, the Critical God watches the world — and punishes offenders eventually.

Most Americans according to the study believed in God. Americans in the East leaned towards a critical God, the west towards a distant God, Midwesterners towards a Benevolent God and southerners towards a Authoritarian God.

I believe in a Benevolent God, because I don't think God is looking down on this earth wanting to hurt people. I believe that God is Good , I cannot see God looking down at the poor and the hungry, the tragedies of war and all the chaos that is happening in this world ,and smiling and saying they deserve this. I don't believe that God does these things. We are always blaming god when bad things happen to us.I find it hard to think that God is partial and blesses only certain people. I think man is responsible for what is happening around the world. This is my view of God.. HOW DO YOU SEE GOD? Check this out " An interview with God"
Turn up the volume ,the music , pictures and the words are awesome.


alex 10:54 AM  

He is everything. Would be difficult to understand him through words.

itchingtowrite 1:46 PM  

for me God is like mother- nurtures, corrects u when u r wrong, may hate u doing something against his/her wishes but will never ever in the heart of heart wish bad for u or dislike u

samuru999 2:03 PM  

I have seen the video before...
it is beautiful!
Thanks for sharing it!

I see God as a benevolent God!
I believe He has great love equally
for all people on earth!
I believe that He must shed a great many tears at all the pain, hate and despair in the world!

God gives me much peace within my heart.
There are times I forget about Him...but when I turn towards Him..
I know He is always there to help me!


Contented 2:18 PM  

They are indeed awesome. You dont believe I was having similar discussion (About things of human kind) with my friend this evening over dinner. Came back and saw ur post reflcting the same! Quite a good feeling. Thanks for sharing...:-)

starry nights 2:19 PM  

Alex..thanks for your input.sometimes it is difficult to put in words.

indianangel 5:32 PM  

Thanks for sharing this video its awesome! God is the belief in our heart, that life however it can be can always be enjoyed on how you perceive it"

Shionge 6:30 PM  

Thanks for sharing dear, you gave me a better insight by posting this article :D

Anonymous,  6:32 PM  

*I think man is responsible for what is happening around the world*
I believe in that... well partly... To expand: We are part of the machinery. We cant function alone. Its an endless act of balancing. Its about knowing what we can do and have to do. Sometimes we end without finding it nor doing what is to be done. Or sometimes we understand that things work themselves out... we cant escape what we have to do. Then it is up to us to do what we can do.

And, that was breath taking imagery!

thanks for the link SGL.

Anonymous,  6:48 PM  

I think He is a bit of everything and much more...

priya 7:36 PM  

Invisible in different images and names, but still gives some peace when we look for answers within ourself.

Lera 8:25 PM  

Does God really exist ??Everyone at some point in our live's would have pondered this ultimate question several times...Starry,the perception of God in myriad forms is something that is always amazing .It was a nice read!Thanks for sharing this..:)

"Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in."

-- Alan Alda

Srijith Unni 8:45 PM  


Thanks for sharing that wonderful presentation. As for me I believe in a God who binds all living things on earth in a great embrace called love.
God is like any parent, to this children and we are all children of god. He may punish us, but still loves us.!

With Best Regards,

Srijith Unni 8:47 PM  

On second thought, Why 'He', so God is a parent.. I stop at that..! :)

deepsat 9:18 PM  

its beautiful!!!

for everyone God is an image. but i believe God is a perception of self in a more dignified manner. to believe in God is to first believe in oneself!!


KK 9:45 PM  

I too see a benevolent god for the same reason as yours. At the same time I dont have much belief on God too. I believe that there is no external power that control us, its merely our deeds. I may be wrong but this is what I believe.

Isha 10:44 PM  

anyway what an ace mum for doing that for your son! .. ace ace ace! ... good looking people have an easier life.. definitely did your son a favour there :P

Sreejith Kumar 12:02 AM  

Very interesting to know about different kinds of gods! I would like to imagine a god who forgives and punishes based on the level of crime/offence and the motive behind all these.....

amu (amrita) 12:05 AM  

hiii I dunno how to thank you for this amazing video. It made my day . The pictures were utopic and the words are charmers with latent meaning. Thank you sooo much that you shared this video with us. God bless you, that's all i can say

Appu 12:59 AM  

God is a mere convenience. thats my view.

Saira 1:56 AM  

I believe in God like anything...although none has seen god but still i know there's some power that rules us.. that makes us do whatever we do..and also take care of us..and ya sometimes treat us and sometimes punish us for our deeds...

b v n 2:23 AM  

starry, I think the major GOD in USA will be the Helpless GOD !

"i made him by mistake. didnt give him brains .he lost the majority vote to Al Gore .but still this son-of-a-Bush is President - I'm helpless folks"

- GOD , helpless

Avi 2:45 AM  

God is the closest person who stands by out heart to warm the soul. He is our partents, our loved ones, He is our environment which provides solace our tough times.

Prashant 4:22 AM  

Hey thanks for teh link......

Suji 5:14 AM  

God is in each one of us. God is love, God is compassion, God is forgiveness.

Sunil Parmar 5:19 AM  

Your idea about god it good..
I believe that God is the other name of Faith.-It's inside not outside.

Maneka Nirmal 7:23 AM  

that video was realy beautiful...i can just say how big is god's grace based on some personal experience.i was not big believer of god but now i can proudly say, yes i believe in god..may god bless u and ur family lalithaji..thankx.

Ashley 7:53 AM  

The problem with the prevailing American perceptions of God is due to the fact that many branches of Christianity strongly discourage learning more about other world religions (or being friends with non-Christians). It wasn't until I started traveling the world that I came to develop some strong beliefs about God.

You mentioned Baylor University as having conducted that study. I take the results with a grain of salt. My sister attended a semester at that institution. Whoa! what a myopic view of the world they promote at Baylor!

starry nights 10:21 AM  

itching to write..I feel the same, i dont think God is out there to hurt us.thanks for the comment.

starry nights 10:23 AM  

Margie..You think like me. Margie. I do believe There is a God and feel at peace at times knowing there is someone looking out for us.I just cannot understand when people say they are blessed by God, what happens to the poor hungry children, doint they deserve some blessings also.

starry nights 10:24 AM  

Contented..I am glad we share the same feeling. and glad you enjoyed the video. I know I did.

starry nights 10:25 AM  

Indian angel..Thank you. The music was soothing and the pictures made my day.

starry nights 10:25 AM  


starry nights 10:27 AM  


starry nights 10:27 AM  

rAJ..True. did you like the pictures?

starry nights 10:28 AM  

Priya..I believe in that we all have different images of god and Different paths that lead to him.

starry nights 10:30 AM  

Lera.. this question has been on my mind for a long time, sometimes it is hard to understand. I think it is faith that makes us believe.I like the Quote, makes sense because our assumptions cannot be right all the time.

starry nights 10:32 AM  

Srijith..true. God is like a parent. but when innocent children are punished for no wrong doing, that I cannot understand, because a parent will not punish the child that has done no wrong.

starry nights 10:37 AM  

Deepsat.. " to believe in yourself is to believe in god ".So true.

starry nights 10:45 AM  

kk. Of late This is how I feel. The innocent people are killed, children are hungry, the poor get poorer and the Bad people appear to be blessed. I have come to the conclusion that Man creates aall these things and it is not God.

starry nights 10:46 AM  

Isha Reddy..thanks. It is not only girls that have to look pretty.More than good looking it has to do with self esteem.

starry nights 10:48 AM  

Srijith..thanks for your comment. I think most people believe this and I think this is what helps us be good people to a certain extent because we dont want the wrath of God. I still cannot see a god who punishes innocent people.

starry nights 10:49 AM  

Amu..thanks for stopping by my blog and please stop by again. I an glad you liked this video, I know I did.

starry nights 10:50 AM  

Appu..To a certain degree he is. when things go wrong we turn to God to help us and when things are good we forget that he even exists.

starry nights 10:51 AM  

Saira..thanks for your input. I do believe in God. I just dont think he punishes good people.

starry nights 10:52 AM  

I am with you on this BVN. On that fateful day God was sleeping.

starry nights 10:52 AM  

Avi..I loved this. I think you best described God.

starry nights 10:53 AM  

Prashant..thanks and you are welcome. I hope you enjoyed the words and the pictures.

starry nights 10:54 AM  

Suji..Thats how I see GOD.

starry nights 10:55 AM  

Sunil..thanks. so true. thats how I look at God.

starry nights 10:56 AM  

Maneka..welcome to my blog and please do stop by again.

starry nights 10:59 AM  

Ashley..I just read this article in the LA times and the research was done By Baylor. I for one embrace all religions. In my heart I believe that all of mankind is Gods children, I think there is one God and that we have different images and different paths but at the end of the journey there is only one place.

Rajitha 11:37 AM  

Thanks for sharing the link... Nice thought provoking post..


Hey,this is nice..Last weekend we were at a friends place and I asked him "Wht is God or where is he?"...In reply he explained things to me and I am so impressed by tht...Its long so cant write it out here but tht sure was one mind blowing session I had!!..Now I read more and its nice! :)

starry nights 1:04 PM  

Rajitha..your welcome.thanks for stopping by.

starry nights 1:06 PM  

Scribblez..thanks. I often wonder ab out God and have so many questions.Maybe you can post your feelings that you got after talking to your friend.Interesting to see what people think about God .

Anonymous,  7:41 PM  

Absolutely lalitha...:)

Mr. J 1:19 AM  

Wow.. that presentation is awesome. Hhhhmmm... but then, life isn't so rosy either. Competition, expectations, thry bring out the worst.

mommyof2 5:14 AM  

I believe in the critical God:-) I personally think of God as parents who are your good friends also.

But I have complaints about the way He deals few things.. I don’t think its fair for bad people to get away with things & good people suffer a lot.. well not always but majority of time. I saw lots of Mythological dramas and they ALWAYS show how unfair his ways are in certain things.. Like if someone kept a fast but forgot to do one step properly or forgot to take parsad , God turn his life upside down but if a rakshah is even killing every one ,God waits till his “pap ka ghara” is full.. why why why??? And people should get punished for their bad things in the same life so that others can learn but no, couple of life later something happen to then when they are good and then someone tell them “you know in one of your PAST LIFE you were bad so now you have to suffer”.. I don’t think its fair at all..

Sunita 7:48 AM  

I m so late, a belated diwali wishes to u lalitha!
Very nice post, got me thinking out here.

Blessed 9:50 AM  

I, too, agree with you. God is a benevolent God. Look what all we have. What ALL we have been blessed with.
The interview with God presentation is so powerful, inspiring, comforting.
I am so glad I stopped here today.
I feel more loved up!

Gaurav Jain 11:18 AM  

I'd prefer not to characterize god. I'd just let him BE. That's good enough :)

starry nights 12:22 PM  

Mallu films..welcome to my blog and please do come again.thanks.

starry nights 12:23 PM  

Raj..thanks and have a good weekend.

starry nights 12:31 PM  

John..I have to agree with you competition does bring out the worst in people. Look at the elections, each cadidate is just putting the other person down and saying nasty stuff.

starry nights 12:32 PM  

mommyof2..I have to agree with you on this. It is exactly how I feel.Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

starry nights 12:33 PM  

Sunitha..thank you.Have a great weekend.

starry nights 12:35 PM  

Blessed. I am glad you stopped by too. sometimes all we need is some comfort knowing there is a God above to look out for us.

starry nights 12:35 PM  


mathew 1:35 AM  

wow..awesome presentation...thanxs for sharing it.

Saltwater Blues 3:45 AM  

just saying hello ...hope all is well

Dh@v@! 5:24 AM  

hey thnx for sharing it...
even I believe in a Benevolent God..

Foodie's Hope 7:07 AM  

Is there a GOD?! Isn't he man made, literally! He/she is up there if I believe. I choose to believe but I won't let him/her run my life!:)))

Let him/her keep account of my life,I will deal with it when it's time!!I didn't do a bit of Law school for nothing!:D:D

Good one, Starry!!

മല്ലു ഫിലിമ്സ് 2:33 PM  

I have linked your blog with mine. Hope that's okay!

Kuan Gung 7:32 PM  

Verrrrrry nice starry!

starry nights 8:45 PM  

Matthew..thanks.and you are welcome.How have you been, have not seen you around much.take care.

starry nights 8:46 PM  

Dh@v@..thanks , I somehow feel that best describes him.maybe wrong dont know.

starry nights 8:47 PM  

Saltwater blues.thanks for stopping by my blog and do hope you come again.

starry nights 8:47 PM  

Mallufilms..sure.I will link your name also.thanks and take care.

starry nights 8:48 PM  

Foodies hope..could not have said it better. thanks.

starry nights 8:48 PM  

Kuang..I am glad you liked it.take care.

Dr@ma Div@ 9:14 PM  

As a muslim, i believe in the absolute unity of my God.

Anonymous,  9:31 PM  

Hi starry,
That was not a dream. Just some fact mixed with fiction - a lot of fiction :). The only fact is: food posioning. Rest is just imagination. But I thought there was very little happening in that story. Hmmm... every opinion i have had on that story is unique to say the least :). Thank you for the comment.

Hope u are doing fine.

Anonymous,  10:02 PM  

and if u knew that it already was a story, i did not intend it to be dream though it does seem like one... like somethings in real life seem to be at certain times.

V N 12:16 AM  

Thats quite awesome. The interview, I mean. had come across it some time back, somewhere, and have been impressed with it ever since!!


Aditi 4:27 AM  

ahh i am late... I am torn between a distant god and a benovelent god..but nice post=0

Mindinside 4:56 AM  

May God bless us

Jaya 11:02 AM  

Hi Stary !!
my first time here and I am really amazed ...
I am also a Cancerian ,love to see moon and night stars and one star is "you",love it here specially the Video ,so calming and relaxing ...thanks for sharing it ....

മല്ലു ഫിലിമ്സ് 4:57 PM  

Thank you starrynights.
I will be a regular visitor here!

Ekta 8:03 PM  

hmmm interesting...guess for me god is nothing but a universal force that guides u...

mojindro 11:51 PM  

just remember god is there for you..

jac 2:29 AM  

I think he is the One who makes me feel that He is not there when I want to see Him, but One who makes me call Him, when I am in trouble.

I dunno in which of your group He belongs...

Help ! Help !

Has to be me 6:07 AM  

As for me, God is everything....He is my guiding force & I just surrender to him. I look upon Him as a cool, ever loving & caring parent (father) who knows all my secrets & my inner feelings & with whom I can share anything in this world! :)

smiley 6:09 AM  

surprising no one spoke about a loving God?

starry nights 8:32 AM true. sometimes life is but a dream.

starry nights 8:33 AM  

Velu..this is my first time seeing it and it just awed me.

starry nights 8:33 AM are never too late. I feel the same way too. torn between the two.

starry nights 8:34 AM  

Mantu..welcome to my blog and please do come again. Thank you. I think we cancerians are alike. I love the moon ,stars anything in outer space.

starry nights 8:35 AM  

Mallu films..thank you

starry nights 8:35 AM true. I feel that I call upon him a lot when I am in trouble.

starry nights 8:36 AM  

Has to be me..very well said. thanks for your input.

starry nights 8:37 AM  

Smiley.. so true. nobody ever said about a loving God. I do feel God is loving and is not there to hurt his children.

starry nights 8:38 AM  

Mojindro..welcome to my blog and please do come again. thank you

christabelle 9:12 AM  

Yes, just like Alex said God is everything, yes to me, I dnt know about other pple, he is a loving father who loves us so much that he died for us, can u imagine that kind of love? Awesome isnt it?

I think one needs to experience Gods love before you can really say what he is to u. Its an individual experience you know.

starry nights 4:09 PM  

So true Christabelle. God is everything.

Priyankari 9:25 PM  

Nice post!
Though I personally believe that there's One Supreme Power that regulates and He is God. But when you want to interact He behaves as your best friend:)

Shakhi 4:55 AM  

I believe that "God" is my friend, someone who is very much my own, who understands me, and loves me. He belongs to everyone in the same way! God can't hurt or punish anyone, neither does he get offended if you do something stupid. He is like a considerate friend.
He is more like a shelter, on whom I can fall back when I feel darkness all around, someone who stays in my heart always!

adi 2:37 AM  

i see god in my pa, within my hands and in friends and in foes, actually everywhere and sometimes...nowhere ;>

Jeevan 3:58 AM  

For me God is a Hope! If we pray sincerely form our deep heart that will always remain us our wishes and aims. If we pray before god with hoping that he is with us, so it will give us strength and brave to face the situation.

emmanuel 5:14 AM  

honestly i should say that i've not read this post clearly....anyway ur thoughts observing God in different ways was really nice....

btw the presentation is marvellous....

ari4u 6:08 PM  

I have seen this one before and it still inspires me everytime i see it. This is my all time favorite. Thanks for sharing

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