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I just finished reading this book and thought I would share this with you.The book has eight short stories that span from Cambridge to Thailand.

In the first story Ruma who is married is visited by her father,who recently lost his wife.he would love to stay with his daughter and get to know his grandson better, but is torn between staying and taking a trip with a woman he is in love with.

In “A Choice of Accommodations,” a couple’s romantic getaway weekend takes a dark turn at a party that lasts deep into the night.

In “Only Goodness,” is a sad story where the sister is eager to give her younger brother the perfect childhood she never had is overwhelmed by guilt, anguish and anger when his alcoholism threatens her family.

Hema and Kaushik is a story of life, death, love and the lives of a girl and boy who, one fateful winter, share a house in Massachusetts. They travel from innocence and sometimes painful paths, until destiny brings them together again years later in Rome. But in the end fate seperates them.

All eight stories are about the lives of Bengali immigrants in America.Some may say that this book is a little similar to her other books about Bengali immigrants but I still enjoyed it, but was disappointed with it being a short story.I wanted the stories to continue.Do you ever feel like you don't want the story to end?


Margie 10:17 AM  

I will have to read this book, Starry.
I think I would enjoy it and thank you for sharing about it here,

Yes, so often I don't want the story to end.

How have you been doing?
Come visit when you can.
I've got lots of new poems up.

Take care.


Asha 10:55 AM  

I borrowed a CD book from our library and listened to it. They are great. I like her books, have 2 of hers and am waiting for the $ to go down to buy this one from Amazon! :D

Had fun watching the game last Sunday, so much fun this year. They have a big party today at Pittsburgh! :)

Id it is 1:11 PM  

Also, some stories could also have a happy end; I didn't much like this compilation of Lahiri's because it borders on the maudlin where you yank out tears as they are the easiest way of lowering reader defenses. However, this is a subjective stance and I know of many who have been gungho about this release of Ms. Lahiri. The fact that i ttok this book to read on a transatlantic flight plagued by terrible weather didn't help either...

Priya 1:46 PM  

We don't want them to end and when its interesting... hmm no way. Haven't read this book yet.

Renu 7:47 PM  

So many times:), in all the love stories..i just want to watch them,..getting married is not the end for me, i want to see them in their daily life , having kids.....:)

starry nights 7:50 PM  


starry nights 7:51 PM  

Yes I like all her books too.quite interesting.I enjoyed the superbowl game and am a steelers fan so was really excited they won.

starry nights 7:52 PM  

Id it is..I understand what you are saying, yes most of her stories are tearry.

starry nights 7:53 PM  

Priya..I think you will enjoy this book.was not too bad but still like Namesake better.

starry nights 7:54 PM  

Renu..I am so much like you.I am sad when stories end and even movies, I am always left wanting more.

Renu 8:31 PM  

:), when i was young, I would come out of the hall so reluctantly that my dad would say....she wants to see a 6 hr movie, till they die:)

Margie 8:35 PM  

I just saw your comment on my latest post, starry.
I was sorry to hear you were not well, but so glad to know you are feeling better now.

Take good care of yourself..ok!
I'll keep you in my good thoughts and prayers too.

A hug to you!


Dawn....सेहर 10:28 PM  

Girl as I scrolled the page the color of the book itself kept on telling me I have read this book :)!
Liked your write up about it.

Keep writing and God bless you my dear

Anali 2:23 PM  

Oh I want to read this book! Thanks for reminding me. ; )

Dotm 4:53 PM  

Sound like a good book to read. Your write-up makes it sound more interesting.

Jeevan 4:27 AM  

Of course sometimes when we left into the stories. Good review, hope u enjoyed reading.

starry nights 10:44 AM  

Renu..I just laughed because I feel like that and wish that the movie can go on and on.

starry nights 10:44 AM  

Margie..thank you.I am feeling better.It is a daily battle.

starry nights 10:45 AM  

Dawn..thank you and did you like the book.

starry nights 10:45 AM  

Anali..I hope you do, cause it is a good book.

starry nights 10:46 AM  

DotM..thank you

starry nights 10:46 AM  

Jeevan..thank you

Keshi 3:53 PM  

Sounds like a terrific read Starry. TY!

And dahlin feel better soon. HUGS!


Devika 8:04 PM  

I read this, Starry ..just felt very repetitive and kind of a bit bored..perhaps the language..

The only one I remember now is Namesake -- but for the movie -- and it introduced me to Gogol -- "The Overcoat" -- A very gripping story :)

I like the movie more than the novel..rarely should it happen...


Hip Grandma 8:00 AM  

i too get the feeling of emptiness when a good story ends.one wants it to go on and on.

pRicky 5:45 AM  

I like the way Jhumpa Lahiri makes her characters communicate. I loved the stories...

Have updated Desi Reruns

Shionge 4:32 PM  

Hey thanks for recommending this book and yes when I get hold of a good book I just don't want it to end :)

Hope you are fine, been a long time :D

Dawn....सेहर 10:55 PM  

ofcourse dear....thats why I said I liked your post and the review about the book dear :)

Hope you are doing fine.

D 5:53 AM  

nice Review. Really crisp.

Eclipsed Thoughts 9:19 PM  

hmm... stories having no end, depends on how the stories go... some, they need to have an end, and some can go on forever... well, i havent read this book... maybe when i read, will be able to comment better.

Margie 7:21 AM  

Hope you are feeling better!
You are missed!
Take care of yourself, dear!
Always in my good thoughts!


Mumbai Guy 5:56 PM  

Hey Starry, how you been doing? Sorry couldnt be much around in blogospere, but try to read your blog every once in a while. Hope your havin fun.

Asha 6:38 AM  

L, Trisha found a site where Anoop Desai has a CD out, recorded in Chapel Hill with his band called "Clef Hangers". You can listen to the samples, he is pretty good but I don't think he will win AI though.He looks like young A Bacchan, doesn't he? :)

I have that link at FH, check it out when you can.

Nanditha Prabhu 8:59 AM  

I read the book.... enjoyed it ..

Juman61 10:18 PM  

I haven't read this one of Jhumpa's yet-have to get it next.Thanks for sharing your review...happy blogging! Cheers!

Princess 9:50 AM  

hi friend,

I do feel why it ends this way or why it is ending now????
readers are indeed more thirsty to read more and more..

how r u friend?

much luv,

starry nights 7:46 PM  

Keshi..thanks..have been under the weather, will be blogging soon.

starry nights 7:47 PM  

devika..I hear you.usualy the book is always better.

starry nights 7:48 PM  

Hip grandma..so I am not alone.

starry nights 7:48 PM  

pRicky..me too.

starry nights 7:49 PM  

shionge..yes it has been a long time.have not been doing too well.

starry nights 7:50 PM  

D..thanks and welcome to my blog.I do hope you stop by again.

starry nights 7:51 PM  

Asha...so sad Anoop is out.I was really hoping he would stay.Yes he does look like a young Amitab.

starry nights 7:52 PM  

Nanditha..I did too and welcome to my blog I do hope you come by again.

starry nights 7:52 PM  

Eclipsed thoughts..thanks and good to see you back.

starry nights 7:53 PM  

Margie..thanks.you are so sweet.Have not been feeling too well.but getting better.

starry nights 7:53 PM  

Mumbai Guy..thanks and I am glad you stopped by.

starry nights 7:54 PM  

Juman61...welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by again.thanks.

starry nights 7:55 PM  

Princes..I hear you.I think it is the thirst for more.Good to see you stop by.

Srivalli 4:07 AM  

Hi starry...good to have you on my blog..hope you are doing better now...am glad you like what you cook from mine...

Margie 11:39 AM  

Hi Starry
I was so glad to see you visit me again as I was concerned about you.

I'm so glad you are getting better.
Hope you will be able to post soon...I shall be looking forward to it!

As always, I'm keeping you in my good thoughts.
Take care, my friend!


mystic rose 7:12 PM  

I read this book. she is a good writer.

Renu 7:55 PM  

you have been tagged!

starry nights 8:53 AM  

Margie..thank you for those kind words.yes I am feeling better and will post soon.

starry nights 8:55 AM  

Srivelli..Yes I have made a few things from your food blog and it has always come out good.Thank you again for sharing your recipes.

starry nights 8:55 AM  

mystic thanks.I thought so too.

starry nights 8:56 AM  

Renu..thanks for the tag.I will be checking this out on your blog.

Nabeel 1:02 PM  

Yup, my girlfriend has read this book and had really nice things to say about the author. Her writing style is very involving.

Lotus Reads 7:55 AM  

Unaccustomed Earth is one of those books that will go down as a classic. I don't know if anyone, not even Jhumpa, will be able to write a collection of short stories that match this collection...it has raised the bar so high!

Anonymous,  11:12 PM  

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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