Thursday, February 26, 2009


I was tagged by RenuThe theme of the tag was Holding hands what it means to me.This a very interesting tag and made me really think about it, a flood of memories passed through my mind.I would like to share a few.

Holding my hand she takes me to school,
Crying,scared but comforted
by a strong hand,my mother.

Your hand in mine,feeling safe and secure
guiding me across a crowded street
My dad.

Holding hands singing together
my friends and I
Beautiful memories of time gone by.

Holding hands, forming a bond
The family stands together
weathering the storm.

Holding hands,not wanting to let go
When one has to leave loved ones
To travel to another shore.

The exciting feeling,
when i first held his hand.
A sense of love and belonging.
Walking beneath a starlight sky
I look up and see love in his eyes.

Holding hands
we look to each other for strength,
In a new country
As husband and wife.

Holding hands smaller than mine
A wave of love comes upon me.
these hands belong to me, to teach them,
to guide them and then set them free.
My children.

Reaching out
holding someones hand
comforting one another
Giving a helping hand.
Even strangers.



Asha 11:21 AM  

Aw..!! Such beautiful thoughts. Sometimes we forget what's imp to us, simple act of holding hands with loved ones. So good to read that L, hugs to you! :))

Priya 3:28 PM  

I like the different stages of life and how creative you have put in words.

Margie 3:32 PM  

This is beautiful, Starry!
So sentimental and touching!
I loved it!

So glad you are back!


Renu 8:27 PM  

wow ! beautiful starry,U have put it very nicely..loved this line...

Holding hands, forming a bond
The family stands together
weathering the storm.

Keshi 9:40 PM  

wut a beautiful post Starry! every words meant something.

Im not supposed to be here in blogs today, but I came by to say goodbye to someone I know who TRULY cared abt me. And thats u. I'll be away for some time Starry incase ur yet to read my current post. u know I hv done that before and I hv returned too :) So dun be sad...dun cry...dun miss me too much. Just do ur thing and keep shining ok?

Just know that I love ya alot. HUGS! TC too, byeee girl!


Jeevan 6:10 AM  

wow... lovely poem dear. the send half was very nice, you have used simple words it mean special :)

Priya 8:38 AM  

Starry, I will give you the letter "H" to go with the tag. Hope you enjoy it.

starry nights 11:17 AM  

Asha..thank you.

starry nights 11:18 AM  

Priya..thank should do this tag.

starry nights 11:18 AM  

Margie..thank you. Why don't you take up this tag.

starry nights 11:19 AM  

Renu..thank you

starry nights 11:20 AM  

Keshi..I hate to see you go but really hope you just take time off and come back.everyone in Blogville will surely miss you.There is not another Keshi.Lots of love and a big Hug.

starry nights 11:21 AM  

Jeevan..thank you.

starry nights 11:21 AM  

Priya..thank you.I will do it.

mystic rose 3:44 PM  


I loved your verses, beautiful!!

Id it is 4:11 PM  

I loved that bit a "to guide them and then set them free". The image of the restrainer who liberates is strangely uplifting...
How about a hand that reaches out to seek assurance and finds a hand that tentatively holds it?

polona 9:43 AM  

wow, starry, this is absolutely beautiful.

Kai C. 10:28 AM  

i wanna do this tag

starry nights 11:46 AM  

Mystic..thank you

starry nights 11:48 AM  

Id it is" a hand that reaches out to seek assurance and finds a hand that tentatively holds it? Loved it beautiful with so much meaning.We all need a hand like that at some time in our lives.

starry nights 11:48 AM  

Polona..thank you

starry nights 11:49 AM  

Kai c..sure the tag is holding hands what it means to me.

Devika 4:50 PM  

I agree, absolutely,

Beautiful thoughts, Starry :)


Prash 6:37 PM  

holding hands means "love" to me. Not that "love" but "love" generaly speaking, I hold my mom's hands and show my love and I hold my bro's hands and show mylove, I do the same with my friends and all...

Kai C. 7:35 PM  

i did your tag

Anali 11:32 AM  

Oh Starry! This is so beautiful! It makes me want to give you a hug. ; )

starry nights 3:46 PM  

Devika..thank you.

starry nights 3:47 PM  

Prash..thats true.another meaning of holding hands.

starry nights 3:48 PM  

kai c..I have to check out your blog.

starry nights 3:48 PM  

Anali..thank you

Keshi 6:17 PM  

Starry there is not another Starry either :) Thats why I love ya so much!

Just be happy, no matter who leaves Blogville. Our spirits hv met now and we will always know each other. HUGS!


Southpaw unplugged 7:09 PM  

Thats a beautifull tag and even more beautifully done lalitha...:)

Sakshi 4:07 PM  

For the first time am reading a tag that has been transformed into such a thoughtful poem. What would life be without all those hands that we hold on to and leave its mark on our hearts forever..Looking forward to read your posts from the beginning and read your other blog too. Wishing you all the best for your recovery...I don't know yet what surgery you had. Maybe will get to know abt it once I go through all your posts :)

starry nights 7:23 PM  

Keshi thanks.There will never be another Keshi either.That bond will never be broken.I will always be thee for you Keshi.

starry nights 7:24 PM  

Southpaw..thank are you doing.

starry nights 7:25 PM  

Saskhi..thank you and welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by again.

Princess 10:26 AM  

hi starry,

that was true to heart lines..
loved the way it travels chronologically and with soul..


KK 11:12 PM  

Awesome post!!!! Really very sweet.... Reminded me of my mom and dad... Feel like seeing my mom and dad....hmmmm

Keshi 4:14 PM  


Starry starry nights, hey dun miss me too much cos I might just be bak sooner than u think ;-)

Stay happy always ok!


starry nights 9:12 PM  

Princess..thank you

starry nights 9:13 PM  

KK thank you.Took me down memory lane too.

starry nights 9:14 PM  

Keshi..Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese come back.miss you.

Asha 10:52 AM  

I was so happy for Anoop too and double happy to see the end of Tatiana! :D
You know when Anoop turned to camera and said "I just want to say I am with you guys. Chapel hill is going thru' tough time today!".
It was his classmate's one year death memorial that day and she was killed by a teenager who robbed her, took her SUV and shot her dead just outside the college last year. All for money!
She was about to go to Medical school after few months. Same teenager killed a Indian student from Andhra at DUKE U too, a year before but never got caught until this girl was killed.
I was so sad for Anoop and all the kids in Chapel Hill. Trisha is moving in there to Chapel Hill this August.

huh? 7:01 AM  

Holding Hands has come out never so beautifully!

all memories refreshed

chitra 2:50 AM  


WoW!!! You have expressed it so beautifully the simple act of holding hand.

I would have loved to take the tag, but am not taking it, as I would like to retain your post for the same.

I am glad I could get to commenttoday. Have been unable to open the comment link for quite some time now.

Love you, dear.
Happy Holi..........

Mumbai Guy 6:52 PM  

To me, holding hands means seeking support, sollace, love, guidance, etc depending on stages of life. :-)

I am pretty sure, your description seems on similar lines. correct me if I am wrong.

Krithika 9:05 AM  

lovely poem there Starry! stuff tats straight from the heart..always wonderful to read :)))

ps- pl gimme ur email id so i can invite u to read my blog

Gauri 9:16 AM  

Beautifully Written :) !!

mathew 6:58 AM  

never knew a tag could have a beauty aspect to it..this one has...loved this.

Make the Impossible...Possible 11:26 PM  

New comer to your blog..lovely poem...holding hands..I never thought it has somemuch of a meaning attached...great expressions....

Sumy Sunil visit when you get some time...

Nabeel 12:03 PM  

I always hold hands, it is a romantic, loving and a king gesture

Dotm 8:29 PM  

What a beautiful way to explain the wonders of holding hands.

Hope it is ok for me to Tag you for another Tag- on being a Mother. Details are on my blog.Thanks,
Dot from dot`s thoughts.

Hip Grandma 6:46 AM  

tagged.please take it up

Art Is Life, Life Is Art 5:29 AM  

Absolutely beautiful! :o)

trinitystar 4:52 PM  

Beautiful Starry
You touched my heart
hugs for you

Cecilia 1:15 AM  

this is WONDERFUL..u put everything in one poem! So many feelings..captured in ur post n ur visit mine sometimes..the older posts..:)tc

Srivalli 12:00 AM  

Beautiful words!...loved reading them

Art Is Life, Life Is Art 12:06 AM  

Absolutely beautiful and so true! :-)

starry 7:16 PM email is

Anonymous,  3:05 AM  

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