Friday, January 09, 2009


I stand in front of the mirror
And look at my face
Where did these wrinkles come from
I exasperate.

Are they wrinkles of wisdom
Are they wrinkles with age
Are they wrinkles from boredom
or wrinkles from rage.

Are they wrinkles from the sun
Or from having too much fun.
Are they wrinkles from smiling
Or wrinkles from frowning.

Wrinkles do have a story to tell
Sometimes it is of happiness
Sometimes it is of pain
And sometimes it is just vague.

Should we erase them
Or let them be seen
Should we just hide them
Or is that being Vain.

I dab on some creme
And say to myself
A few wrinkles on my face is not such a big thing
Considering all that can go wrong in this world we live in.

So I start the new year with a few wrinkles on my face!


Margie 3:04 PM  

Hi Starry
I liked your poem...a lot!
And that pup....just too cute!

You are so right about a few wrinkles on your face not being such a big thing, condsidering all that can go wrong in the world.

I think I'll go dab some cream on that wrinkle that I wish I did not have, though! LOL!

TC & have a great weekend.
It has started snowing here and I'm at my daughter's place in Denver now....we are going to the symphony tonight.


Priya 4:01 PM  

After a long time finally I am happy to see your poem here. Wrinkles... hmm its just how we go with when years go by and like seasons it will be accepted. You are young starry so cheerup:)

Sapna Anu B.George 9:03 PM  

Wrinkles do have a story to tell
Sometimes it is of happiness
Sometimes it is of pain
And sometimes it is just vague.

starry nights 9:31 PM  

Thanks Margie, and yes I did dab some cream on my face.Have fun at the symphony.

starry nights 9:32 PM  

Thanks Priya. Yes wrinkles come whether we like it or not.I guess thats life.I think it does add character to your face.

starry nights 9:32 PM  

Sapna..yes it does have a story to tell.

deepsat 10:24 PM  

just keep the inner person the same!

have a great year ahead!


Asha 6:35 AM  

What a coincidence!! I was talking about my wrinkles last night too. I will be 45 in few mnts and I don't have one single wrinkle on my face yet!! Only because I am a plump chicken, mind you! hahaha!! Arvind says "that's because you have a good husband!!", of course it always him for everything!

Seriously, I welcome wrinkles, scars and gray hairs(which I do have btw) anytime. It shows that I have lived and it's quite okay to have them. Moisturize well and smile. There is nothing more attractive than a confident woman.Men don't care about all that, why should we?

Hugs to you, happy new year to you and family. Trisha has applied to Chapel Hill U, let you know what happens! :))

starry nights 9:13 AM  


starry nights 9:15 AM  

Asha..thanks and its so true, what if there is a wrinkle or a grey hair.Take it all in stride and moisturize well.Cannot believe Trisha will be finishing high time flies.

Renu 7:28 PM  

beautiful poem..... Today i was readinfg somewhere that

It's amazing how the mind works.

Believe it, fear it, and the body begins to manifest it.

and so one should not fear the tests of life.
believe in a beautiful future and hope for the best:)

Devika 7:50 PM  

Very true, Starry

what happens to us is so insignificant considering all that can go, and goes, wrong in this world...

Good one, dear

Wish you once again a Very Happy New Year :)

Jeevan 3:29 AM  

After long time get to read your poem dear! Wrinkling doesn’t seem a big deal as u thinks. Keep away to worries and be happy, could be thus those wrinkles came through smiling :)

starry nights 5:02 PM well said.thank you.

starry nights 5:03 PM true.thank you.

starry nights 5:03 PM  

Jeevan..maybe.thank you.

Anali 9:34 AM  

Happy New Year Starry! Wrinkles show that we've lived. And I much prefer smile lines rather than frown ones. : )

Keshi 5:30 PM  

beautiful and straight from the heart Starry!

Wrinkles tell a story...that u hv LIVED...not just existed.



christabelle 10:58 PM  

Are they wrinkles of wisdom? LoL! they sure are.

Beautiful poem, Lalitha, I wish you a very wonderful year this 2009.



Krithika 12:23 AM  

Beautiful Starry!! really liked how u thought of something like wrinkles to develop this other thing- the way i see it is tat u can have wrinkles at any age:)

preeti 12:51 AM  

so nicely written :) yeah great many reasons to wrinkles ;)

Neers 5:02 AM  

oh my god!!! the pup is awesomely cute! :)

have a great year, wrinkles or not! :)

Prash 7:09 AM  

they are wrinkles of wisdom !

starry nights 3:43 PM  

Anali..I do hope they are smile lines and not from frowns too.

starry nights 3:43 PM  


starry nights 3:44 PM  

Christabelle..good to see you back.I do hope they are wrinkles of wisdom.Happy new year to you christabelle.

starry nights 3:45 PM  

Krithika..thanks..You are right wrinkles can develop at any age.

starry nights 3:45 PM  


starry nights 3:46 PM  

Neers..yes that pup is wrinkly but cute.

starry nights 3:47 PM  

Thanks Prash..I do hope you are right.I really need all the wisdom I can get.

Keshi 5:36 PM  

btw I love the so cute!


starry nights 8:53 PM  

Keshi..I love that picture too.wrinkly but cute.

Keshi 9:53 PM  

wrinkly BUT cute! well-said Starry. Cos thats the way we should live life too :)


starry nights 8:37 AM  

Keshi..have a good weekend.Its a long weekend for us.

Id it is 4:25 PM  

That's one marvelous tribute to aging!

Dotm 9:36 PM  

The dog picture reminded me of something a cousin once told me when her first son was born. She said- I know he isn`t beautiful, but he is so homely he is beautiful to me. He was cute, I baby-sat all summer when he was born as his mother had to stay in bed for a few months. He is a nice looking fellow today.
Those wrinkled puppies are often so homely that you just fall in love with them.
Hugs, Dot

hillgrandmom 10:47 PM  

Starry, that picture is really too cute. Incidentally, there is an ad which runs on TV here about some anti-wrinkle cream which shows a pup like that :)

Anonymous,  8:01 AM  

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