Thursday, January 15, 2009


I hold the kaleidoscope to the light
Colors that were dull suddenly become bright.
I turn and turn and turn again
All the colors start to blend
each pattern shows a different view
Displaying every brilliant hue.

It starts out with just red and green
Then is added colors I have never seen.
A hint of violet, a touch of blue
A spray of pink and I am glued.
Sometimes I see silver and gold
some are faded and some are bold.

I think life is like a Kaleidoscope
Never the same as we hope
Each spin alters the way we feel
Colors will change from day to day
Sometimes they may be bright
Sometimes they may be grey.

It does not matter how they are blended
What shapes are formed or how they are ended.
We try to mix them the best way we can
It may not be what we intended
Maybe there are ways it could be mended.
But I feel there is always hope
while viewing life's Kaleidoscope.


Margie 8:46 AM  

Love this, Starry!


deepsat 12:58 PM  

gives hope to anticipate the future!


Priya 1:47 PM  

As a kid I have always watching it and how amazing colors it comes... Love this poem.

Id it is 4:24 PM  

"...each spin alters the way we feel..." so true; a surprise awaits at each turn. I loved those colors!

starry nights 5:00 PM  

Margie..thank you

starry nights 5:01 PM  

deepsat..thank you.

starry nights 5:02 PM  

Priya..I love kaleidoscopes too, have quite a few of them and even now I love to look at the different colors.found an old one in my draw and this inspired the poem.

starry nights 5:02 PM  

Id..thank you.

Keshi 5:33 PM  

too beautiful!

Life sure is a kaleidoscope! the feelings and the experiences r of different hues....bright/gloomy days follow each other.


Renu 2:01 AM  

lovely colors and true that life changes with every spin and even sometimes it changes us also, our attitude opinions everything.

Asha 6:09 AM  

I tried about 4 times last night to get in here to comment, never got in for some reason. Glad I am in now. Wanted to tell you that Trisha got accepted into Chapel Hill y'day, we are so excited! :D

Beautiful poem. Whatever color life is we have to deal with anyway. They are still colors, might as well enjoy them than hoping for better colors of our choice and getting disappointed when we don't get it, eh? :))))

starry nights 8:26 AM  

Keshi..thank you.yes keshi some are gloomy and some are bright.we have to make the best of every hue.

starry nights 8:27 AM  

Renu..yes havng the right attitude helps.

starry nights 8:28 AM  

Asha..I am so happy for Trisha..I am sure she is excited.and you are a bit nervous.But she will be fine.I felt like that when my kids left.

AVIANA 10:06 AM  

aww..i like this one!

how are you?..your sister?..your back?

i hope all is well...happy new year...


White Magpie 10:42 PM  

Great words..and I could understand your poem too..I usually cant understand most of the poems on blogger..Kalaedoscope hmm..*rolls word on tongue* :)

mathew 9:09 AM  

"Each spin alters the way we feel
" :-)
loved that true!!

starry nights 5:34 PM  

Aviana..happy new year to you too.I am doing much better,my sister is well.thanks for asking and how are you?

starry nights 5:35 PM  

Mathew..thank you.

starry nights 5:35 PM  

White magpie thank you.

Dotm 9:30 PM  

Brought back memories of when I was a kid. I used to marvel over how the colors could mix and change just by turning the framework. I bought them for my kids so they could enjoy what I had enjoyed. Poem discribes it well.
Hugs, Dot

hillgrandmom 10:45 PM  

Beautiful poem Starry and such lovely pictures to go with it. I love kaleidoscopes too.

Margie 11:38 AM  

I came back to read your poem again Starry as I enjoyed it so much and those beautiful colors as well.
Hope you are having a good weekend.


Keshi 9:59 PM  

true...and sometimes we've just got to make our own shades...


Dawn....सेहर 12:19 PM  

WOW! dear I loved the color and the colorful design :)
Beautiful poem which depicts hope for future - good work dear
Keep writing
God Bless You

Perfectly Twisted 3:08 PM  

This is delightful! Thank you for sharing.

Kai C. 3:20 PM  

how are you?

starry nights 6:54 PM  

Dotm..thank you.I loved the kaleidoscope as a child and It continues to be one of my favorite things.

starry nights 6:55 PM  

Hillgrandmom..thank you

starry nights 6:56 PM  

Margie..thank you.yes I had a good weekend and spent all day today watching the inauguration.I was so happy for Barack Obama.

starry nights 6:56 PM true.the shapes and colors we make shape our life.

starry nights 6:57 PM  

Dawn..thank you.

starry nights 6:57 PM  

perfectly twisted.thank you and welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by again.

starry nights 6:58 PM  

Kai c..thank you and I am doing well.

starry nights 7:06 PM  

Kai c..thank you and I am doing well.

nadeem 2:51 AM  


Anonymous 7:07 AM  

Such a b'ful poem! and how true...wnderful!

Alapana 2:06 AM  

Beautiful, and i so needed it at this hour:)

ashok 10:49 AM  

lovely lines.. :)

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