Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have been asking myself this question for a few days now.I was someone who really loved the holidays and could not wait for December to come by.But lately I don't feel to be in the mood.It just does not feel like the holidays.There is so much unrest in the world, so many people out of jobs,the economy looks bleak and to top it all so much bickering in the family.Family is supposed to be for one another no matter what.For me family meant standing up for one another and protecting them, but i see the opposite, family members talking about one another and on the whole making life miserable.Is it not sad when our own family has robbed the joy out of Christmas from you. I know I am just griping but have you ever felt this way.Yes everyone is going to say you should be happy, don't worry about what others say and so on, but deep down it hurts.I am having a Christmas lunch for my family on Christmas day and yet i am sad.I wish it were like before when everyone was happy and got along.I think life is too short to be bickering about the stupid things.Some people are fighting for their lives and here we are fighting about things which are not important.I always thought as we grew older we got wiser but I am seeing that as we are growing older we are getting even more picky and finding fault with one another.I am sorry for sounding unhappy, I had to get it out of my system.DO YOU HAVE PROBLEMS LIKE THIS IN YOUR FAMILY AND DOES IT UPSET YOU?


Priya 1:53 PM  

We always think we can sail peace in the waters. Its not and you have to come across the tides, storm or what not. I think life needs both plus and minus if not its not interesting. But I don't agree with gossip coz I can't stand them. If its family members talking abck, then just ask them right on the face and they will know who they are delaing with. Thaz me and you solve the problems not to carry many years.

deepsat 5:04 PM  

guess people are always very self-centered. this christmas "should" be abt others! its bad times and we should be helping others. but that doesn't seem to be happening!!

Eclipsed Thoughts 6:52 PM  

Everyone has family problems starry... even ppl who are really live in a backpack all the year round
(i meant myself).... Maybe its a form of disappearing in the wild that has always fascinated me... away from all those "complaints and bitching behind the back"... yes it hurts when ppl who matter to you dont support you... infact aches terribly....

anyways... on the brighter note... Merry christmas... maybe next year, i might give you a call saying Merry Christmas!!!! or maybe this year itself... who knows?? :)

Renu 7:07 PM  

Problems are everywhere, but last year i took the resolution..that i will have no expectations from my family and be happy whatever they do or dont, and will never complain and it brought me a lot of peace and happiness.I do whatever i feel right or feel like doing...and ignore the rest.

starry nights 7:03 AM  

Priya I guess life is full of storms and tides and very little calm seas.But it hurts and I wish people were not so hurtful.

starry nights 7:03 AM  

Priya I guess life is full of storms and tides and very little calm seas.But it hurts and I wish people were not so hurtful.

starry nights 7:03 AM  

Deepsat..yes christmas should be about others but it really appears self centered.

starry nights 7:05 AM  

Eclipsed thoughts..I wish I could disappear into the wild.It was really a calling for me to go to Tibet.I wish to visit Katmandu sometime.It has been a dream of mine. Merry Christmas to you too.

starry nights 7:06 AM  

Renu..yes problems are everywhere, but sometimes it seems to et worse as the days go by.

Jeevan 1:58 AM  

I leave those just like that, and if we blow, it creates problem. I make this what we talk is assured properly, because we can’t get back after it poured. Whatever to be convinced at the moments itself to stop proceeding against. Hope the misery cleared and u have Christmas as ur wish.

Id it is 1:06 PM  

Of course we all have those days when people you consider close appear to not understand you at all! There are bad days, but they go away, and yours will too. So cheer up and look forward to the new year ahead!

Alapana 11:33 PM  

I have been through the phase myself, but then i gave up, I stopped feeling sad or worried about it, was not easy, but i tried and am still trying, I moved away from all of them, and happy in my own small world.Well, worked for me, not sure if it is applicable to everyone. But yes,i will admit, there are times when deep down in my heart i miss something but i then remember, i am human and i will have to live with such feelings:)

Krithika 1:50 AM  

Thank you so much starry for the award!!! :)))) I read the post only today.and abt ur current post, it is very distressin when family doesn come through.we've had a couple of occasions like tat.but i must say there are still some ppl tat we can hang on to no matter wat..even in times like these.and ultimately, it's all about findin those ppl n stick together with them for keeps

mystic rose 3:26 AM  

It being Christmas has little to do with it i guess. One's life ought to be joyful through out the year, go within and find the peace, starry. It doesnt come from anyone else but you.

Hip Grandma 7:04 AM  

ofcourse such problems exists in our families too.But let not te attitude upset you.It will ultimately affect J and the children.You can't change the world.You can only change your own way of looking at things.
BTW you're tagged again.

my life.... 11:35 AM  

Yes, i do.. In my case, they upset me often despite making my stand very clear. Scornful words that pierce my heart...Cried too many times...

Prats 8:22 PM  

You said it yourself girl...."Life is too short, living on regrets"
I know no family can ever be alwyas happy...but its upto us to see it that way....let go, forgive and go on...forward...don't look day everything will just blend into the past...and you'll be smiling.
Take care and have a great lunch session..
HAPPY HOLIDAYS...You gotta make it one...

starry nights 9:19 PM  

Jeevan..that is so true, once said we cannot take it back.

starry nights 9:20 PM  

Id It is..thank you and I am looking forward to the coming year.

starry nights 9:21 PM  

Alapana..yes we are human and I think that is why it hurts, but I have to put these things aside and get on with my life.

starry nights 9:22 PM  

Krithika..yes we do hold on to these special people no matter what.I keep on doing this, after all in the end they are family.

starry nights 9:23 PM  

Myatic true only I can find peace and you are right it is within myself.thanks.

starry nights 9:25 PM  

Hip grandma..thanks for the tag.I will do it.I understand now that I should not let these things effect me because as you said in the end it does effect my family.

starry nights 9:26 PM  

My life..I hear you.have been there
many times. I have cried too, but I am not going to let myself get hurt like that again.

Prash 11:32 PM  

Come on starry, if you start thinking about the world's problem and not enjoy your family and the holidays, that is really a sad part...there are so many problems in the world, you can't take care of everything and you just need to sometimes enjoy your food and stop thinking of all those people who are starving...

Celestine 1:28 AM  

im reading your post and feeling so much of what you're feeling. despite that for christmas im not feeling so much the lost of family due to the cushioning of my other half and friends, its still a stark reality to me that just before christmas iv fallen out w my family. or more like just my mother. i wish she would see what you see, that what she can't accept in me so terribly that she has decided to disown me is entirely ridiculous especially in this climate which should serve as a huge reminder to what is truly important in living.

thanks for this post.

White Magpie 9:57 AM  

It's the "Don't worry, be happy" shit that creates hell. People repress and keep chanting I am happy and later down the line get admitted in rehabs or therapy. you might have seen it. so dont worry about ranting.

A lot of bickering happens in every family but we can choose whether we need to give it any importance or not..whether we should fuel it or not.

starry nights 2:37 PM  

Prash..thanks for the advice.hopefully I will always remember that.

starry nights 2:40 PM  

Celestine..first i want to welcome you to my blog and thanks for stopping by and i do hope you come by again.It is really sad to think that your own flesh and blood could be so insensitive and hurtful.I understand how you feel.I do hope everything gets better and you are able to be at peace.especially at this time.

starry nights 2:45 PM  

White Magpie..thanks.yes we do not realize that so many people biker all the time,but like you said it is better to get it out of your system than to keep it all bottled up.

Nandi23 2:49 PM  

I had some marital problems , plus a really close uncle died, so it definitely doesn't feel joyous, but I am trying to find the happiness in what is left, hope you do too, smile, its contagious.

splendid 2:27 PM  

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