Friday, September 28, 2007


was tagged by DOTM for the following tag.
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My name is Lalitha and I like the name I have so I thought I would just use this name in this Tag.My name has quite a few letters , so please be patient I will try not to make it a long post.


L.....What comes to mind is the luxury of having a large and loving family.When I was ill with the back injury they stood by me and helped me every step of the way.I would not have made it this far without them.

A.....I love Astronomy,the sun, moon and stars and everything that is in the sky.I hope to take an astronomy class next spring.

L....Another L! well I think it has to be love.I have a lot of love to give and am a hopeless romantic.

I.....I think it is India.Even though I have been away from India for many, many years, I still feel drawn to India and I always tell the children about my childhood in India. I am planning to visit India soon.I am so excited.

.....It has to be the love I have for Tibet. I would really like to visit Tibet one day.I love the people, the religion and the mountains.I want to go there and tie a prayer flag.

H.....I am really a home body.I am happiest in the comfort of my home.and I love handicrafts, love to knit, sew and crochet.i try to do some scrapbooking.

A.....Another A and I dont have anything to say.

I am going to tag Keshi, Neers, Jeevan, Priya, Kalyan,Shiv and MM.


Anonymous,  1:15 PM  

enjoyed knowing you


polona 2:39 PM  

nice knowing a few more things about you.
hope you are well.

Anonymous,  9:15 PM  

It was wonderful knowing more of you Lalitha....for the tag, it will take me some time, as you know a very busy festive season is coming, so will do it after all the festivals are over...I think its OK...Thanks:)

pria,  10:37 AM  

That was an awesome tag starry and so cool. Enjoyed it a lot.

Kai C. 5:08 PM  

hi there,
how are you?
i'm doing fine.....
hope you are well!

mystic rose 5:11 PM  

that is lovely! You did it very nicely, starry and I enjoyed reading it, getting to know you a bit more, it was neatly done!!!

Srivalli 3:49 AM  

Very nice knowing you sn...btw from which of india are you from..just wanted to know bcos you said you have never had taken red sorrel leaves...:)

tulipspeaks 10:02 PM  

nice knowing u :)


chitra 1:59 AM  

As usual. a tag well taken.

Looking forward to your visit to India. if u r coming to Delhi, we shall certainly meet up for I would love to meet the warm , lovely lalitha.

Aditi 3:52 AM  

very well done and i can attest that its a difficult tag

Mansi Desai 12:40 PM  

I was tagged for the same meme by Cynthia some time ago...that's in my About section:)

loved reading about you Lalitha!!

starry nights 1:13 PM  

Nasra..thank you

starry nights 1:13 PM  

Polona..thank you

starry nights 1:14 PM  

Kalyan..take your time.thanks.

starry nights 1:14 PM  

Pria..thanks.Btw you are tagged also.

starry nights 1:15 PM  

Thanks mystic.

starry nights 1:16 PM  

Srivalli.. I am from Bangalore.I don't know if there is another name to it.I have only seen red spinach which looked like that.

starry nights 1:16 PM  

Kai..thank you

starry nights 1:17 PM  

Tulip speaks..welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by again.Thanks.

starry nights 1:18 PM  

Chitra..thank you. I will be going to Bangalore, it is my first travel after back surgery so I cannot travel to too many places.would have loved to meet you too.

starry nights 1:19 PM  


starry nights 1:19 PM  

Mansi..thank you

Jeevan 2:32 AM  

Beautifully said about what u feel from ur name. would do the tag sometime soon dear :)

Dotm 1:43 PM  

Lalitha, what a beautiful name.
I loved your answers for each letter of your name.
Thanks for doing the tag.
Hope you are feeling better. Back problems sure are painful.
Take care!

starry nights 3:07 PM  

Jeevan..thank you

starry nights 3:07 PM  

Dotm..thank you

Lotus Reads 3:41 AM  

I love this meme! I so agree with you, I think a large family is a luxury in that, you can all support each other adequately. I come from a very small family and there's no one this side of the world for can be very tough some days.

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