Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thank you for all the prayers
Thank you for being my friend
Thank you for giving me courage
And thank you for just being there.

Dear friends..

My surgery went well. I am back home today. It will be a rough road to recovery, but I am positive that by the year end I will be as good as new. A big thank you to each and everyone of you. I will update when I feel better. Thanks for enquiring.


priya 8:05 PM  

Good to see you back and welcome back again. Relax and rest yourself:-))

Anonymous,  8:36 PM  

Hey starry!!!!!!
mighty pleased to see you back :)
Rest aplenty!

faith 8:41 PM  

*smiles* take care of yourself.. hope to see you soon..

Srijith Unni 8:57 PM  

Hi Starry,

Nice to know that you are doing well and fine and wish you a speedy recovery.

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

shankari 8:58 PM  

Glad that your surgery was a success. Now , just do all the doc says...

Keshi 9:42 PM  

hey great news Starry HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ! TC now.


geetha 9:57 PM  

Glad that you are feeling better after the surgery. Hope you have a speedy recovery :)

Great to have you back, dear :)

Prashant 10:22 PM  

I pray for ur quick recovery..
Get well soon!!!!!!!!!

KK 10:48 PM  

Glad to see you back!!! Take care!! Wish you a speedy recovery :)

Sumitha 11:59 PM  

Star just as the surgery went on fine so will the recovery too!All my prayers for a speedy recovery!Will miss you!

Contented 12:39 AM  

Thats really a very happy news. Take care and recover soon! Cant wait to learn dance...:)

Jayashree 5:31 AM  

Am glad your surgery went well. Take care of yourself.

prithz 10:06 AM  

Glad to note u r feeling better starry... take care... :)

b v n 10:43 AM  

Hey...great to know that :)) take care...take rest.

Twisted DNA 2:50 PM  

I am so glad to know everything went well! Get will soon!

Arz000n 3:32 PM  

Good to hear that!!
Afta lotsa rest, things will be bakc to normal :)


Alexis Leon 9:25 PM  

Dear Lalitha,

That is great news. It is nice to know that everything went well. Wishing you a happy, speedy, smooth, and painless recovery....

ari4u 11:29 PM  

Lalitha, i was thinking of you this morning wondering how your operation went and how you are feeling now. Glad that everything went okay and you are doing good. Take it easy and come back when you feel better. Take care


adi 12:08 AM  

best of luck lalitha.
i love your spirit :)
take ample rest and be new soon ;)

Drama Div@ 12:42 AM  

I hope you have a Speedy Recovery!

deepsat 2:35 AM  

glad to see you back!! Take care and recover fast.

samuru999 7:48 AM  

Hi Starry
I am sending my warmest wishes for
a quick recovery!
You'll be dancing before you know it!

Take very good care my dear!


Sanjay 10:45 AM  

I know recovery after any injury is hard, but don't give up no matter how painful or boring the exercises seem.
I am pulling for ya and lots of love and best wishes your way!

Mindinside 7:02 PM  

Good news =D>
am waiting to read ur new post!
Get well sooooooon,
With the best wishes

Chet 10:43 PM  

I am glad to see you home. I wish you also a speedy recovery. Get plenty of rest.

artnavy 2:10 AM  

Welcome back and stay well

Sreejith Kumar 3:09 AM  

Great to know that it went pretty well and that you are okay! Take rest and care...

Kuan Gung 4:55 PM  

Great to hear this starry...those days of discomfort may indeed be over...kick back and blog often...best wishes my friend!

Rupali_Srivastava 7:48 PM  

Hey get well soon

Jewel Rays 8:05 PM  

Glad to hear that the surgery went well. and to see that you carry such positivness is ya recovery is awesome!!

Rock on Totally!!


Mumbai Guy 8:48 PM  

Welcome back Starry, Take Rest.

Anali 10:44 PM  

Hi Starry! I'm glad you're back home and doing well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Ajay 10:05 AM  

hey lalitha

been here after ages. der was some problem wid d page n it wudnt open. schocked to know that u had slip disc problem. my mom has dat too. but now that u r back from surgery please please take rest. dont make sudden movements n with ur doc's advice try some exercies ( after u r all ok n the doc says so ) for strengthening the muscles of ur back.take care

mathew 11:31 AM  

nice to see u "back".."comeback" from a back breaking story!! :-P

Lera 8:36 AM  

starry, Good to see you back,Take care of yourself....:)


Hey....Great Starry....Really very glad tht u r fine now. congrats on tht! :)

Dotm 5:35 PM  

Just read about your back surgery. Glad to hear the op was a success. Hope it won`t be too long before you are doing better. Hope it removes the back pain you have been living with. Wishing you the very best.

Keshi 8:28 PM  

Missing u...


Gauri 12:35 AM  

Hi Starry

Good to know that surgery went off well.

Best wishes for a quick and speedy recovery.



Don Iannone 1:51 AM  

Starry tarry Nights...glad you're back and wishing you a very speedy and full recovery. These things can be very painful. Sorry about your suffering.

jac 5:50 AM  

Thank God ! That is all I will say now.

Get well soon, Lalitha !
My prayers.

Neers 7:03 AM  

heyyyy.... feel better!! good everything went fine! you take lotsa care with love... and lotsa milk! ;)

Ekta 11:06 PM  

hey grt to see u back!!!
Hoping and praying that ur back recovers completely and u have no more tears!

Pavithra 12:07 AM  

Good to know that your surgery went fine. Wish you a speedy recovery !!

Abhishek Upadhyay 2:41 AM  

Wish u a speedy recovery.
Why dont u come back to india?I think that will be good option considering that someone must be there here(your parents) to look after you.

Astral 4:45 AM  

hi lalitha, hope you get well soon.....and absolutely "new" to enjoy the new year.....take care dear

Robyn 6:45 AM  

Thanks for updating us! I'm so relieved that everything went well. Take care and get some rest.


Shionge 7:21 AM  

Hey, glad to hear that all went well. Rest well and take care, you're in my thoughts dear.

neihal 10:45 PM  

hey...you went through surgery....thats too bad...
but I am happy you are better...take good care...get well soon :)

Cuckoo 1:12 AM  

Heyy Lalitha,
Welcome home dear !!

Wish you a speedy recovery. Get well soon.

samuru999 6:43 AM  

Hi Starry
I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving....
full of many blessings!
Hope all is going well!
Take care!


Anshuman Ghosh 8:06 AM  

get well soon :o)

mommyof2 2:38 PM  

have a speedy recovery:-)

Blessed 6:56 PM  

Thinking of you and hope you are healing well--mind, body and spirit!!!

Drama Div@ 10:03 PM  

nice poem indeed!

amu (amrita) 10:06 PM  

hiii nice to hear tht you are climbing the steps of recovery. wish you a speedy recovery. welcome back to blogdome. and do take care and don't bother yourself much by jerk movements. cya around


Saira 11:29 PM  

Hey!! I never knew that, as i was away for long...just take good care or urself and get well soon!!

ishita 1:30 AM  

lukin forward to seeing u back here...hope alls well wid u...:)...tk care...

Anonymous,  3:42 AM  

Take rest. Shall wait for you..


Dotm 8:27 AM  

Hi, Just popped in to see how you were doing now. Hope the pain has been eliminated and you are able to get around better and able to do a little more.
ZGood Luck!!

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