Monday, November 06, 2006


My back has been bad for almost three years
I have been through a lot of pain and many a tear.
I have sought many treatments
Boasting a cure.
Physical therapy, accupuncture,Chiropractic,
And Epidural shots, to name a few.

X-rays were taken, scans were read
many MRI's along the year too.
came back with the same diagnosis, that
I had a bad back ,which I already knew.

Don't bend, sit up straight.
Eat healthy ,dont put on weight.
Use ice, no! use heat said some.
Just go to India and try Ayurvedic said one.

The doctor has spoken
The verdict is in.
I have two bad discs that are torn
through and through and.
need to be replaced with something new.

The surgery is set for November 6th
One disc will be to be replaced
with the The PRODISC
Which is something new.
The second will be replaced
Which will be glued.

Recovery is quick,
Thats what I am told.
Three to five days in the Hospital
And then I will be home.

I will try and update
As soon as I feel well.
Untill then my dear friends
Take care of yourselves.

Many of my friends have asked what surgery I am going to have so I thought I should post something so everyone would know. Thank you all for giving me courage and for all the prayers. I will be good as new ,and will be back to blogging and give you all the news. till then "Adios "my friends.


Jewel Rays 9:28 PM  

Hi Starry..

Get well soon aites...and see u up and kicking agian soon!!


samuru999 9:29 PM  

Your poor aching back...
but, soon it will be aching no more!

Good-luck Starry!
I'll keep you in my prayers!


Priyankari 9:50 PM  

U have expressed such a painful experience so beautifully!

Will u good luck for ur surgery an I pray that u get well soon!

White Forest 9:50 PM  

sorry to hear that ...recovery soon..

cyberkitty 10:13 PM  

Hi Starry, Get well soon, why don't you try yoga ? It always works.

Alexis Leon 12:04 AM  

I can understand what you are going through. I will pray for your faster recovery.

Srijith Unni 12:33 AM  

Hi Starry,

Take Care,
Get Well Soon!

Wish you a happy, glorious recovery..!

With Best Regards,

geetha 1:09 AM  

Good luck dear..
All will be good.
Will be waiting for you to be up and about.. with your next post ;)

Neers 2:18 AM  

Heyyy... you take care! And, all the very best!! Lotsa Love!

Dr@ma Div@ 3:37 AM  

Take a break and I wish you a speedy recovery.....

xoxo: Lina

Sreejith Kumar 4:14 AM  

Get well soon.... and you will be.

Contented 4:28 AM  


Our prayers are with you! Wish to see a dancing Starry very soon! Take care...:)

Sumitha 5:18 AM  

Hey Star cheer up!Everything is going to be fine.Lots of hugs to you:)

hillgrandmom 6:45 AM  

God be with you.

Jayashree 6:58 AM  

Wishing you a speedy recovery....

alex 8:04 AM  

God will take care of you.

Will remember you in my prayers.

Aditi 8:08 AM  

ohh good luck with the surgery and i hope it makes u as good as new..

Sanjay 10:04 AM  

Good luck buddy and come back healthy and with a good back. Good karma coming your way.

Anonymous,  10:24 AM  

oh starry,
get well really soon, then we'll sit and talk in the corner at delhidreams...
take good care of yourself...
god bless you :)

mathew 10:58 AM  

Oh Nov i was just dropping by to c how u are doin..

prayin u get well soon..and lesser tensions for ur loved ones..

pravin 11:19 AM  

hope things work out for you :)

Twisted DNA 11:23 AM  

The fact that you are able to write a poem about your upcoming surgery shows how strong a woman you are!

All the best and get well soon. Our love and wishes are with you.

priya 12:23 PM  

Get well soon and take care starry!!!

Our wishes are for you always!!!

Id it is 2:11 PM  

Wish you a speedy recovery. It can only get better!

KK 4:13 PM  

Good luck with your surgery!!! Wish you a speedy recovery and waiting to see you jump back strong and enjoy dancing :)

Shionge 4:45 PM  

Oh please take care're in my thoughts.

Ardra 5:49 PM  

get well soon, shall wait for you to come back hale and Hearty..
love and Best wishes


Anonymous,  6:55 PM  

Lalitha u'll be perfectly alright and they r right recovery is fast but having said that don't u just get on with ur domestic chores once u come back, take help from a physio who will condition ur back for the routine chores and then u can get back to normal. I personally hv a surgically repaired neck, had to replace 5 discs and it took me almost 3 months to get fully recovered so pls take very good care of urself and get well soon...:)

Gauri 7:21 PM  

Good Luck Starry

Here's wishing you a safe and quick recovery from surgery.

You'll definitely be in my prayers.

Take care & hope to see you around soon



deepsat 7:27 PM  

Get well soon!!

Prayers and wishes for your fast recovery!

Anali 7:45 PM  

Starry best of luck! You are in my prayers!

Anonymous,  7:49 PM  

By now i am sure you are either getting operated or its already completed :)
I missed the post.
Hope Dr.B has fixed you up nicely by now:)

Come back stronger soldier!

faith 10:20 PM  

best wishes starry... Get well soon..

Has to be me 10:47 PM  

Hope 2 c a fit starry by next week! :)

Jeevan 11:55 PM  

Take care dear, don’t strain more, come here when u feel good. Will pray for ur recovery:)

Pritika Gupta 12:51 AM  


Lera 1:28 AM  

starry, I do understand what you are going through, I wish you a successful surgery and speedy recovery soon shooing away all your blues....Take care!

Suji 5:54 AM  

Get well soon. Will pray for ur speedy recovery.

Shankari 9:05 AM  

Prayers your way...

b v n 9:39 AM  

starry, my first cousin had a very similar issue and i still remember the pain he went thru - he was just 18 then. he is great after the treatment,though he was in bed for some time. so its just a matter of time. Wish you well and take good rest.

indianangel 10:53 AM  

Hope the surgery went on well! recover soon lalitha

txdave 5:29 PM  

Any age person can get hit with an aching back, as this article says, but there is help:

Please check it out. dave

Keshi 5:46 PM  

omg Starry u ok? I was worried to read this post. I hope u recover fast and plz TC of urself.


Ashley 6:10 PM  

Take it easy. Let everyone else wait on you for three weeks!


Get well soon!

Isha 8:36 PM  

hey bub! hope u get better oh so so soon.. nick has a bad back too so i know upclose how hard life can be.. atleast you'll feel better after the surgery...

and surgeries are nothing to fear.. i have seen my mom have atleast 10 surgical procedures done and she's fine as a whistle .. :) .. get well soon xxoxo

Robyn 9:07 PM  

Take care Starry and feel better soon!

*LOTS OF HUGS and ♥*


prithz 11:33 PM  

Dunt worry starry.. am sure u will be perfectly fine and kicking off again... take care... :)

emmanuel 1:03 AM  

get well soon...... :)))))

chitra 3:48 AM  

By this time u might have had your surgery.. wish you a speedy recovery . Take your time , we shall wait for you.

ufukhati 6:00 AM  


We pray for you.
Quick recovery!

adi 8:04 AM  

lok so many friends here, wishing for you, take care lalitha, hope u r recovering fast...
best of luck
and love :)

Sujit 9:40 AM  

take care.. get well soon..!

Foodie's Hope 10:03 AM  

Hey Starry, take it easy and wish you a very speedy recovery!! Take care sweetie! and come back soon!:D

nandi23 8:15 PM  

I hope that you feel better soon!!!!!!!!!!and that this is the end of the back aches for good

Kuan Gung 10:11 PM  

Very best of luck starry..

Mumbai Guy 4:18 AM  

Starry, Surgery and you will be alright and I see you back up and smiling soon.

Cheers and Take care.

Saffron 5:44 AM  

Starry, only you can give us an update about your back in a poem!! I love your optimism and I'm sure that you will breeze through the surgery and come back fully recovered in no time.

Best Wishes!

Anonymous,  10:10 AM  

hope you are already recovering and everything went well...goodluck!

samuru999 12:41 PM  

I am hoping so much the surgery went well, and you will be back home soon!

I'm keeping you in my prayers!


Blessed 4:53 PM  


Keshi 8:08 PM  

awwwwww I miss u....


Mindinside 8:45 PM  

With prayers and wishing you regain your health soooon

How do we know 9:37 PM  

Take Care Starry and Get Welll soon. I just got here.. about 4 days after the surgery so u shld be home now.. :-)

Anonymous,  9:40 PM  

Hi Starry
Thank you for stopping by on my blog, catch you soon all healthy and hearty
Get well soon
lots of prayers for you

jac 7:08 AM  

Prayers !!!!

humbl devil 11:24 AM  

hey, doncha will all be over soon...i was afflicted by a back condition and it does pain like hell...the worst part of it is when you are so sleepy yet kept awake by the pain...

the stars will be waiting for ya...
when you go for that walk in the night after your recovery...

and your poetic abilities are too good to be true...

*cheers* for a speedy recovery...

Dawn....सेहर 4:36 PM  

Hey dear...get well soon and come back with a rocking one ;)
Good Luck

passerby55 4:40 PM  

HI lalitha,

Take care,

God bless you.

seriously_frivolous 8:19 PM  

Hi Starry,

Take care of your back and be back soon. My best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Arjun Ramakrishnan 4:33 AM  

hope you get well soon. best wishes... take care.

V N 11:07 PM  

Get well soooon, Starry!
U have a million prayers 'back'ing you up!

richunderconstruction 5:43 AM  

hope you r better now...
tk care of urself, hope to see you back soon, n healthy :)

= rich

White Magpie 8:10 AM  

Shucks!!! AM so sorry to hear that. But if that doesnt help, do let me know. I know someone who went through a similar condition and got cured real fast by an alternative treatment. A lot of people swear by it and it has worked wonders...hope u get well real fast...

Anonymous,  4:13 PM  

I really hope you get well SOON!!!

Isha 4:25 PM  

yikes .. u arent back yet :-s just came to check on u :(

Keshi 9:59 PM  

I prayed for u to get better...r u any better Starry?


Anonymous,  12:04 AM  

hi lalitha.

all te best1 I hope the surgery goes well and u're back on ur two feet again......

lots of love and good wishes...


justme 1:51 AM  

ve been stuck up and coulnt visit your place.
take care. may you find all the strength.

Astral 3:33 AM  

Take care of yourself...

smiley 11:12 AM  

be positive, God is there and we will pray for u too :)

Isha 3:08 PM  

came to check in :) .. get well soon...

Chet 6:17 PM  

Get well soon Starry, I will be praying for a speedy recovery for you.

samuru999 7:04 PM  

I hope your recovery is going well!
I am keeping you in my prayers!
Take good care!
Miss you lots!!!!


Yogi 1:41 PM  

come back soon and get well even faster starry :)

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