Friday, September 17, 2010


When courage fails, tears help ease the pain

Sorry I have not blogged or stopped by any of the blogs.I will get back soon, have not been feeling too well.Had a CAT scan yesterday,have not got the results yet, hoping something can be done.Thank you all for stopping by.


Priya 3:21 PM  

Starry, I hope everything is fine. Me too haven't blogged some time.Take care.

Jeevan 12:05 AM  

don't worry dear, hope everything would be fine. take care, hug!

Gauri 6:56 PM  

Oh Starry ! Hope all gets well soon.

Hugs and more hugs,



Renu 1:48 AM  

Wish you to get well was the scan?

Shana 6:14 AM  

Hope you are okay

Smita Tewari 7:53 AM  

hope all is well with you.
get well soon and come back to us!

Prash 9:54 PM  

hello there how are you ? ya it has been a long time...

hillgrandmom 9:00 AM  

Starry, I have also been so out of blog world. I hope the CAT scan taken on the 17th was ok and that you are now better

TME,  8:14 AM  

Hope you are feeling well.

Sorabh Raina 11:00 PM  

dont worry
everything will be fine

best wishes
and remeber to say to urself

Aaaaalllll is well:)

Smita Tewari 6:13 PM  

hope you are feeling better now. who is looking after you?
get well soon.
Hugs & love from India

dr.antony 5:38 AM  

First time here,and I see you have some kind of problem? Sorry.What was the result of the CT scan? I had been through tough times recently and understand. Every thing is going to be fine. Cheer up.Write to me if you find time.

MJ 5:04 AM  

hey i hope u r fine at the other end !!!

Anali 10:14 PM  

Best of luck Starry! I'm saying prayers for you. : )

geeth 9:04 PM  

Take care :)
*tweet, tweet*

TME,  5:13 AM  

Hope you are fine.If not, get well soon.Good wishes & Prayers.

Anonymous,  6:05 PM  

I hope all is well with you..its been awhile for me too.. Recently my baby Zi ewaxged one year on 20 th Sep. I could not beleive that there she is the tiny little human is now her own persona

There was also many challenges in my life but poetry brings a sweet touch in my life ..than you for being there and come back soon

Nasra Al Adawi

Hip Grandma 12:42 AM  

How are you faring Lalitha? i am getting worried about you. Hope all is fine with you.

Anonymous,  9:39 AM  

how are you now?

White Magpie 3:34 PM  

Hello? Sorry I've been very busy. Are you allright? I wish there was a way to know.

Dawn....सेहर 4:49 PM  

Hope you are doing fine and some usual chores are keeping you busy ...hoping to see you back soon
till then take care

Shana 5:55 AM  

Hope you are doing okay!!

Renu 8:30 PM  

wiishing you all the best..may everything be right again!!!

i am here..... 5:41 PM  

Yup, I read it just only. Sorry for the delay. Wake up and we all have a nice world outside, it belongs to ours too. O K? Cheer up.

Priya 11:42 AM  

How r u Starry?

Happy New Year to you..

White Magpie 3:17 PM  

Are you allright/ Please ping and lemme know.

ajay 12:58 PM  

Hi Starry. Hope you are well and good. Why aren't you writing.

Anya 10:21 AM  

How are you ?????
I hope a little better ...
HUgs from us

Margie 8:26 PM  

Thinking of you, Starry.
Hope you are ok!


Adee 11:17 PM  

hope u r better by now!
plz b back soon :)

trinitystar 5:28 PM  

I have been so idle and also not been blogging for some time. Its one of those evenings when ones mind is full and one cant sleep. So here I am ... Starry, I do hope that it will be good news for you and that you make a speedy recovery.
Warm hugs for you

Priya 4:07 AM  


Just let us know you are ok...

Margie 4:50 PM  

Starry, hope so much you are okay!
You have been gone so long!
Please take care and come back when you can!

Margie x

Margie 4:53 PM  

I am keeping you in my prayers and think of you often!
You are missed, Starry!

Sending hugs!

Margie 11:22 AM  

Gone so long, Starry.
Hoping you are ok!


White Magpie 11:43 PM  

Hmm does anyone know Latha personally? Is she okay?

White Magpie 11:43 PM  

Hmm does anyone know Latha personally? Is she okay?

Margie 11:34 AM  

I keep wondering about you and praying you are okay!

You have been gone for over a year now.
Can you please let us know how you are?


Margie 10:52 AM  

Hope you are ok! x

iamnasra 12:41 PM  

Im not sure too many of comments here but I wonder of all is well with you

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