Tuesday, December 04, 2007


So long farewell
I hate to say goodbye
I hate to go and leave this pretty

I will be back before long
with new poems and stories
and news about family
to bore you immensely.

Take care one and all
Happy holidays and have a wonderful new year.
I will be back to visit your blogs
At the start of the year.

I do hope you don't miss me too much.I know I am going to.


Keshi 10:10 PM  

aww Im gonna miss ya! HUGGGGGGGGGZ Starry TC n hv fun! See u next year!


priya 10:30 PM  

Its good to have a break and comeback after holidays. We will miss you Starry:)

Anonymous,  12:38 AM  

you need it ..go and have a blast


Jeevan 6:04 AM  

Have wonderful on the break time dear. Sure we are going to miss you… Happy New Year and Christmas wishes to you. Take care and see ur health. :)

AVIANA 1:34 PM  

Come back soon!

tulipspeaks 7:44 PM  

come back soon dear!


geetha 9:43 PM  

Have a good holiday :)

Ardra 1:59 AM  

take care...
warm rgds

White Forest 11:50 AM  

take a gud one!

White Forest 11:50 AM  

take a gud one!

Fuzzylogic 1:02 PM  

Enjoy the break but keep that promise! Take care starry.

Rowdy 3:12 AM  

Have a wonderful break. Hope to see you on the Jan 01, 2008 :)

Anonymous,  2:15 AM  

We are surely going to miss you...have a wonderful break & return back with some great post..wishing you also happy holidays ahead as also the Christmas & New Year...Have wonderful time!

Kai C. 1:40 PM  

you'll be missed,
happy holiday!

Sreejith Kumar 11:41 PM  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kai C. 11:27 AM  

seasons greetings

Shiva 9:00 AM  

Enjoy you holidays. Will take this break to catch up with your that I have missed. Take Care!

AVIANA 4:58 PM  

hi there!

i know you're gone but hi!


Hip Grandma 9:02 AM  

"A Happy New Year to you."

Neers 4:07 AM  

heyyy lalitha! a very very happy new year to you!! :)

Anonymous,  6:20 PM  

Hi Lalitha, wish u and ur dear ones a wonderful year ahead!May the beauty of this festive season,fill your life with the laughter of loved ones, the warmth of good cheer and all the joy to light up your heart. And hope the dawn of the New Year marks the beginning of a prosperous future!

Alapana 10:41 AM  

Hope you will be back now that it is the new year, Wishing you a happy and wonderful new year:)

Anonymous,  6:02 AM  

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Madhu 2:14 AM  

hey lalitha, hope u r doing good. here's wishing you a very happy and blessed year ahead.love.

priya 2:58 AM  

Happy New Year Starry:)

Id it is 2:44 PM  

It's been a while and the new year's here...

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