Monday, March 12, 2007


I actually made a trip to orange county with "J" on the weekend, to visit my sister who is back from India.( for those who do not live in California, Orange county is about 65miles from where I live). It was a nice change because for the last three years everyone has always made the trip to visit me.I used a back brace which kind of harnessed me to my seat so it was not too bad. It felt just nice to give my sister a big hug.I wished I could just wipe away her illness . I am positive she is going to be well but I wish she did not have to go through the surgery and the other treatments that go along with breast cancer. I felt like the mother this time around, I want to take her under my wing, to pamper her and look after her and tell her that everything is going to be alright. I have always had a special bond with her and thats why it makes me sad.Please remember her in your prayers.She is scheduled to have her surgery by the end of the month.She has numerous tests to go through before that, so she is kind of overwhelmed with everything. I have to say that it is her positive mind and her strong faith that is going to help her through this.(And me being by her side).If I had one wish from a genie..I would wish that my sister would be healed. IF YOU HAD A WISH FROM A GENIE WHAT WOULD YOU WISH FOR?


Id it is 2:53 PM  

Can I make a dual wish?
Presuming I can...
Peace and brotherhood around the world as a 'global' wish, and
I wish family members didn't have so many miles between them.
Best wishes to your sister.

Keshi 5:36 PM  

awwwwwww thats a warm n loving trip u made to ur sis' place Starry. Im sure she's feeling alot better just by having had u ard.

I too hope she gets better soon.


I want my mum's younger bro who's in a lot of trouble right now to have it all resolved soon.


Kai C. 5:49 PM  

your sister is in my prayers!:-]

if i have a genie,i would wish that i turned into a mermadid that lives in the sea...

Kai C. 5:50 PM  

& hugs to your sister

Aditi 7:56 PM  

i am glad u were able to go see your sister. I hope she gets better quickly and beats this!

Shiva 9:09 PM  

So, nice of you to have so much love for your sister. She'll ne alright with all the care and love you guys are showering. At this moment, IF I HAD A WISH FROM A GENIE I WOULD WISH YOU SISTER'S HEALTH.

faith 9:38 PM  

hey.. u both are so lucky to have eachother.. she is in my prayers n i knw everything will be fine..

if i had one wish from genie i would wish to have a one sis like u .. i dont have any sis :)

Srijith Unni 9:53 PM  

May go bless your sister with good health and happiness..! After all she already has a gift from god, in a lovable sister like you.. YOu both are great..!

Take Care..

With Best Regards,

Alexis 11:28 PM  

Nice to know that you were able to go ans visit your sister. It must have been nice to get out of the home and travel. Your sister must have been very happy (as happy as she can be given the circumstances) to see you.

Will definitely pray for her. Am sure that she will be fine.

Now if I had a wish from a genie, I would wish for a new genie have no wish limit :-)

Cuckoo 12:57 AM  

Heyy you are an angel. Don't worry, everything will be alright. I can understand, even I have a sister. Our wishes are with her.

I'll pray for both of you.

One more thing-Everytime you come to my blog, you say it's a nice organized one. This time I say the same for you.

Keep smiling. :))

Pritika Gupta 2:08 AM  

If i had a gennie.. i wud have asked hime peace..every where..

geetha 2:49 AM  

Well.. I would wish for happiness and wellbeing of the people around me.

Your sister shall be in my prayer..

Wild Reeds 3:00 AM  

Hey that is so cool. My cousin just visited me in France, from India. I know how wonderful that feels. It's also tinged with sadness knowing that in a few days they will be gone and the laughter wont resonate off the walls again.
Very cool blog.
Wild Reeds

trinitystar 3:01 AM  

Awwwwwwwwh Starry, so selfless ... everything will be fine. Keep being positive and supportive.

My wish would be that Cancer would not exist.

Hugs for you. Chin up ... you can only do your best ... God will do the rest. :o)

hillgrandmom 3:15 AM  

Your sister is definitely in our prayers. May God bless you both.

Sanjay 5:08 AM  

Hope all goes weel for your sister. Glad you are making progress with your back too.

Margie 5:14 AM  

I am keeping your sister in my prayers...I've been through exactly what you are faciing now Starry with my sister!

My wish from the genie would be that my sister will be ok!

(it's now 2 years since my sister found out she has cancer....been some rough times for her!)

Take care Starry!
May God be there for you and your sister through all the difficult days you will face!

shruti 5:34 AM  

Hi dear,
I wish your sis soon recovered from her illness...and definetly her paositive attitude will bring the miracle in her..
Take care of urself and ur sister..

Alapana 6:17 AM  

She will be just fine,i said a small prayer just now when i lightened a lamp in front of the deity or the sandhya deepam which we call in telugu,We may not know each other but still we all in the blog world share a bond and that gives us so much hope and joy when in despair,Just be positive,all is going to be well.

starry nights 7:41 AM  

Id it is..Thats a beautiful wish.If I had a dual wish I would wish for peace around this world too.

starry nights 7:41 AM  

Thanks Keshi.that is sweet. I hope all his troubles will be resolved soon too.

starry nights 7:43 AM  

Kai..that is so sweet.I think you will make a beautiful mermaid.and one that writes poetry.I don't know if there is another mermaid that can write poetry.

starry nights 7:43 AM  

Aditi..thank you

starry nights 7:44 AM  

Shiva..thank you.that is kind of you.

starry nights 7:44 AM  

Faith..thank you.I am sure you will make a nice sister too.

starry nights 7:45 AM  

Srijith..thank you.

starry nights 7:46 AM  

Alexis..thank you and it was nice to get out of the house.It has been three years since I went to visit anyone.I think that is an awesome wish because there are so many things in this world that need to be erased and looks like only a genie can do that.

starry nights 7:48 AM  

cuckoo.thank you very much.With all these wishes from around the world I know she is going to be alright.

starry nights 7:49 AM true.This world would be such a beautiful place.A world with no borders and no war.

starry nights 7:51 AM  

Geetha..thank you.

starry nights 7:58 AM  

wild reeds.That was really nice that you got to visit with your cousin, it is always sad when the visit is over.I feel the same way when some one comes over , you wish the visit would not end.

starry nights 7:58 AM  

Trinity star..thank you

starry nights 7:59 AM  

Hillgrandmom..thank you

starry nights 7:59 AM  

Sanjay..thank you. yes my back is definetly getting better.I just passsed the fourth month post-op.

starry nights 8:00 AM  

Margie..thank you.I do hope your sister will be ok also. I will keep her in my prayers.

starry nights 8:01 AM  

Shruti..thank you

starry nights 8:02 AM  

Alapana..thank you so much. Even though we do not know each other I felt all that love and prayers you all gave me when I was ill.I am sure it helped me to get thru.I am sure it will help my sister too.

Has to be me 8:05 AM  

Good luck 2 ur sis. May God heal her & be with all of u during this tough time.

priya 9:33 AM  

Good you made a trip and hope she gets better soon.

-As an angel will be ther for people who need.

Kalpana 9:49 AM  

My wish would be :
" Andaru baagundaali " (Telugu)
"Everyone should be fine."
This is what I get, when I see God first. Later, I'll start thinking about myself.

I hope your sister would have tremendous inner strength to go through all these tests and to recover soon.

Asha 12:24 PM  

Hope and wish everything goes well for your sis.If caught in early stage,breast cancer patients live a long healthy life.Support her and be there.We all will pray for her.And take care of yourself my friend.

I wish people around the world stop killing each other and live and let live!!

Ghost Particle 12:34 PM  

I pray for your sister to be healed. There is always something in bonds, and there is always the power to heal in love. Your desires and wishes will come true.

My one and only wish is that violence will end in this world.

polona 1:34 PM  

your sister and you are in my thoughts. i believe everything will be alright.

Sugarlips 1:59 PM  

Starry Inshallah she will be fine don't worry and it was a sweet and loving post :) May God will always keep you guys together :)

Stay Beautiful..!

Kai C. 2:14 PM  

i'm doing fine..
how are u?
the other posts didn't show up..
i wonder why...

warm hugs

Beloved Dreamer 3:17 PM  

MY wish for you and your sister would be God"s love and mercy. All we mere motals can wish and pray for is His loving mercy.

with my prayers-bd

Mindinside 9:22 PM  

My best wishes and warm greetings to you and your sister now and always.

starry nights 10:03 PM  

Has to be me..thanks.

starry nights 10:04 PM  

Priya.thank you.that is such a beautiful wish to be there for people in need.

starry nights 10:05 PM  

Kalpana..thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts.

starry nights 10:06 PM  

Asha..thank you. And that would be my second wish for the fighting and killing to stop.every life is precious.

starry nights 10:06 PM  

Ghost particle..thank you.

starry nights 10:07 PM  

Polona..thank you

starry nights 10:07 PM  

Sugarlips..thank you.

starry nights 10:08 PM  

Kai c.thank you.I think you don't have a feed.

starry nights 10:08 PM  

Beloved dreamer.thank you.

starry nights 10:08 PM  

mindinside..thank you

Jeevan 12:09 AM  

I think its testing time for her; hope she would be doing good after that. I wish her to be get cure soon… and pray for positive result in the surgery. Don’t worry she will be alright:)

Cyberkitty 12:48 AM  

If a genie granted me a wish...I'd wish you and ur sister were better once again ! Get well soon !

chitra 4:13 AM  

My hugs to your sis. I certainly will pray for her speedy recovery everyday in my prayers.

Love you,

Anonymous,  5:02 AM  

At the moemnt all I wish that your sister will be well - Im paraying for her


divya 7:45 AM  

that your sister is healed and does well!! thats my prayer and my wish!! and if i see genie i'll let him know..

Jac 8:11 AM  

Starry, today, now, my wish is yours.
And my prayers from the day I heard it.

starry nights 8:27 AM  

jeevan..thank you

starry nights 8:28 AM are so sweet.thank you.

starry nights 8:28 AM are so sweet.thank you.

starry nights 8:29 AM  

Chitra..thank you

starry nights 8:29 AM  

Nasra..thank you and welcome to my blog and please do come by again.

starry nights 8:30 AM  

Divya..thank you so much.

starry nights 8:30 AM  

Jac..thank you.

Anali 5:41 PM  

I'll pray for your sister. And the one wish? That's a hard one. Only one wish leaves so much unfinished, it seems almost trivial in the greater scheme of things. And how do you define one when it comes to wish? Can the one have a few parts? I'm analyzing this way too much...

Shionge 6:42 PM  

I would that Genie be kind enough to heal your sister including wiping out all those dreadful illness too.

Give your sister a hug on my behalf too ok Ms Lalitha :) Take care.

Fuzzylogic 8:04 PM  

Your sister will certainly be in my prayers Starry.I know it's a hard journey but keep the faith,a positive attitude can be hard to find at times but she can find that strength in you and her loved ones.I'm also awfully glad to hear you are making so much progress with your health too.

dharmabum 9:52 PM  

hope ur sis is better soon.

i'm quite fascinated with california as i have a good friend there and much of what i know of america is through him :)

chandni 10:08 PM  

will definitely be prayoing for her..please pass on our good wishes to her as well.....Hope al goes well with her tests and treatment....

If I had a wish, I would just ask for health and happiness for my parents and siblings

Ajnabi 12:01 AM  

I am praying for your sister, starry. And you also trust almight God.

My wish to the genie would be to show the right way to all the ppl in the world and make them happy.

Neihal 1:59 AM  

my best wishes for your sis Starry.
Hope she gets over it soon :)
as they say, there will be always the one who ll say" I want three more wishes" I am that person :D

Sumitha 2:53 AM  

Star I will remember her in my prayer.I have heard of a story of a woman in Kerala who had cancer,dont remember which one.Doctors said that she has just 6 months more of life.This lady was so positive and kept telling herself that she is going to live and kept thinking of things she has to do in the future and kept herself busy with it reading books.After that its been 25 years or more and she still lives happy and healthy.Give your sister all support and tell her that there are many who are praying for her.God will hear to atleast one of our prayers no!

Ganesh Ranganathan 4:23 AM  

I hope your Sister gets allright...

How is your back now, starry? Are you able to walk now? I hope yourback pain gets allright too..

Orchid 9:27 AM  

That was such a heart-warmign post. Your sister must've felt really gald to have you visit her. I would se my wish for your sister as well right now.

Lisa Francisco 10:03 AM  

Why do you wear a back brace?

mystic rose 1:00 PM  

hi starry,
it s wonderful that you and your sister have each other! and i hope she will get through all this with courage and strength(its great you are with her). hugs!

Mumbai Guy 4:11 PM  

Hey Starry, Isnt Orange county the place where recent wildfire took place?

Mumbai Guy 4:11 PM  

Btw, I pray that your sister gets well soon...

Blessed 7:39 PM  

Okay I'm gonna say the first wish that came to my mind:
that my husband had a greater faith.

I know I could have said world peace, or stop the wars, stop the crime, the violence, bring the soldiers home, cure all illnesses, but my first thought was the one above.

Said a prayer for your sis right here and now.

my life.... 11:47 PM  

Lali, yr sister will be in my prayers... just hang on there da...

Princess 11:51 PM  

hi dear,

sorry for this very late reply..
I'll for sure pray for your sister.

God will be with her always. :)

And if I could wish from a genie...let me think....

I would wish for a life with success/happyness and failure/sadness in the ration of 75:25 for all people....
for without failure people will not value success. :)


pink ginger 珂琳 6:39 AM  

Do believe in miracle. Must give your sister lots of encouragement, must have will to win.
Will keep her in my prayer.

Krithika 7:05 AM  

i'm sure ur sister is gonna get herself thru this and become all fine..she

sudhav 3:19 PM  

Lalitha, nice to see that ur doing good..we will surly keep her in our is ur health ??

Lisa Francisco 11:15 AM  

i think your sister's wish came're there to support her...if you weren't then the road to recovery would be much bumpier...keep need it

my wish is to make my dreams come true..selfish but true

Ashish 1:48 AM  

Wish would be people do not go through the sort of suffering that diseases like cancer brings on us.
Best wishes for your sister.

pricky,  4:31 AM  

i wish ur sis gets well super quck n u don need to wear any harness n all to travel...
loads of cheers

prithz 5:26 AM  

Hope you sister recovers soon. Shall remember her in my prayers :)

Dawn....सेहर 1:18 PM  

Awesome dear glad U took tht long trip for ur sis! If I were u ...I would hv wished the same n at this moment I wish n pray the same for ur sis (amen)

mystic rose 2:02 PM  

hi starry,
i was pretty sure i left a comment...yes, starry your being there with her will be a huge help..cos no matter how strong and positive we are, there ae always moment sof weakness everyone of us goes through..and its wonderful to have someone we love help us through those patches. she is blessed to have you close by, (in a foreign country),..and lots of love and wishes to both of you!!

Keshi 8:34 PM  

Hows ur sis doing Starry?


Ekta 5:56 AM  

oh man!!
Praying hard that all the good wishes in the world be with your sister!
May god give her and your whole family the strength to fight through these tough moments....
God bless!

Lotus Reads 3:22 AM  

If I had one wish from a genie, I would wish good health for everyone of us...I know it sounds like I am asking for the impossible, but genies are supposed to make the impossible come true!

I will send positive, healing vibes to your sister Starry. Please continue to let us know how she is doing.

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